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Very very interesting.Me wonder if they will antique other brand also on request.
me tailor sometime make $20,000 bespoke suit.he say it all hand work and good material.$17,000 is nothing.Other man here make $50,000 bespoke over coat,no big deal,it only a coat.http://www.johnhcutler.com/the-coat-route-the-story-of-a-50000-bespoke-overcoat/me tailor not like all hand sewn coat and will charge lot of money if man want it.me tailor say all hand sewn coat is silly and not advise it ever.
Me read very very good. Many man talk funny here and me not understand very good, sometime many man here play trick and be silly, they talk about fury animal and use funny word, it not make sense. Roger talk about falling on donkey in Vass shoe, it not make sense, he play trick on people. http://www.styleforum.net/t/130044/the-ultimate-vass-porn-thread/11025#post_7105165 Spoopoker play many trick and use funny words. Many man use funny word on internet. It get very hard...
No no,me say it for years before me ever join here.It very very bad.Me never talk good about it for years.Me talk bad about it before DWH mention it.Me talk to different factory mans and shoe maker years ago and they say bad things and show me bad things.Gemmed shoes = toys for menGemmed shoes = not goodGemmed shoes = very very bad and sad and not good.Gemmed shoes = not real shoeGemmed shoes = imitation shoeGemmed shoes = silly
??http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assyou fall on donkey? you farmer?with Vass?you wear Vass on farm?
Mmmmm,it me favourite Vass.Me wear it today,burgundy shell budapester with 360 goiser stitch.
Any man want to post about he shoe collection? Many man get shoe education and he buy more good pair now me think. Many man not have many pair long time ago, now he have many good pair here. Me like it when many man buy many good pair.
Price sound good,sound like Santoni norvegese for man on budget.What quality of leather like?Do norvegese have hand carved feather and true hand inseaming?Cork under insole or felt or something else?Hand stacked heels?Any Bontoni fit like G&G or E.G?
Thank you.
What price for Bontoni goodyear? What price for Bontoni norvegese?
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