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right size or half size to big?
Welcome to Vass world, you will like it very very much.
Many good picture here. Man tell me two new Vass at place where me live. Me like to get new Vass, it alway very very good.
Vass offer antique leather like Lobb now?
me find good one here. look, it Fosters Any man find other brogue monk shoe like this? Roberto Ugolini. Mmmmmm. me like it me like it.
Churchs use to offer very very good double brogue single monk strap shoe. Me think it called Bramwell model shoe. Any man got picture of double brogue monk or Church bramwell model? Me bespoke it because me like double brogue monk very very much. Me want bold medallion and lot of broguing like George Materna do. Any man find picture?
Double monk look very very good. Me might buy it one day.
Very very interesting.Me wonder if they will antique other brand also on request.
me tailor sometime make $20,000 bespoke suit.he say it all hand work and good material.$17,000 is nothing.Other man here make $50,000 bespoke over coat,no big deal,it only a coat. tailor not like all hand sewn coat and will charge lot of money if man want tailor say all hand sewn coat is silly and not advise it ever.
Me read very very good. Many man talk funny here and me not understand very good, sometime many man here play trick and be silly, they talk about fury animal and use funny word, it not make sense. Roger talk about falling on donkey in Vass shoe, it not make sense, he play trick on people. Spoopoker play many trick and use funny words. Many man use funny word on internet. It get very hard...
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