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Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL I know Russian leather always gets mixed feedback but here goes anyway...Cleverley bespoke Russian PTBs: Perfect shoe. You own it?
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee Pardon the poor picture but I thought I would participate... My work outfits are very casual so most of my shoes are more workwear-inspired... However I have a few more classic options. And these which sit in the middle. Berluti Alessandro Norvegese in camel leather lt look good, Casual.
Me had expensice shoe stretch by cobbler, he ruin it.
Cordwainers College London Aquaintance go there long time ago. He say course is basic shoe making, and better learn off real maker. Course not enough on it own.
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth Bespoke at or below $1,000 is not only possible but common. .. Bespoke = quality leather, custom last, lots time to make the shoe. How can bespoke be under 1k? ls shoe maker earn $12 per hour? Seem impossible.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha i dont get why you get the same shoes just from different makers Me do. Sampling offering from many maker, they all different, all come with different storey and spirit. Why only drink beer, better to drink wine, beer, champagne, and spirits drinks, variety of the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoefan Springline's bespoke lasts are not done using any scanning process (to the best of my knowledge). Me surprised. Me thought scanned, save time, easy to fill demand for custom last. 3D scanning?
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Springline's bespoke lasts are genuine bespoke one-offs not some adjusted commercial lasts. Yes, but springline bespoke last not measured for arch support (they tell me this) when use 3D machine. Shoe maker will have to make further alteration to last by cutting part off (bottom area) to make room for inner supports for proper bespoke. lt can be problem if shoe maker is not last maker and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lear I'm still striving for the mirror shine, that I know my JL's deserve. Some of my observations (as a novice): Polish under natural sunlight. What you imagined to be a dull spot at night, often turns out to be a trick of the (artificial) light. Someone said that John Lobb polish is made by Saphir. I therefore purchased a tin, only to find that it does not compare to Saphir Médaille D'or. I've experimented with...
Me only person me ever see wear cravat, people not care. Cravat is good, why worry?
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