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Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Whatever one might feel about wood-pegged construction (I believe the method to be grossly inferior to a stitched sole), . Yes, wood peg sole could need insole replacement, many holes in it so need replace on original last. hand stitch sole easy to repair. Me opinion. Man here say orange peel effect.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas So I don't want to go all apropos in this thread, but I have to ask about the squeaking. It would seem that the squeaking would be a major dealbreaker for me for any shoe, No all squeek, most no.
Edward Green is gemmed, it could fail early time. Careful, no high price,
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl SOS, there are quite a few and i'll pick one. everytime around we pick up paprika from Mr. Kiss, he releases a certain bunch of them. these do not necessarily correlate with your list of orders. in other words. if there's a paprika you might need and it is on the other side of the pond. it stays there, granted. this time 90% of the paprika was black and our choice of non-black was rather limited. so it can be...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl you know, when you have something special. especially our choice for ajv and vox was the toughest i had to encounter ever. Why tough?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria So far today, and after a leisurely midday stroll, they are (a) comfy and (b) the squeakiest fwocking shoes I've ever owned. Me paprika squeeky to, very very loud. Me no care, Me like, more people see me Paprika. Quote: I am hoping the squeaks will go down a few dBs because, otherwise, it sounds like I am killing hamsters with each step. - B Keep squeek, it good....
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B The paprika very very good. Old world style. Made by one man, not faceless man. Warm feeling.
Me wear flower in lapel when mood suits
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Cool video. Thanks! ? DWFII yell at me, me very ignorant. Me deserve it. Me study and learn lesson quick. Thankyou DWFII for pull me up.
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Me deserve that, me should have known better, me read whole chapter on chain stitch welt for punishment.
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