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Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho Antique cognac shell, Asquith Whiskey shell, Melton Need a heel back. Shell colors very very good.
Many shoe here very exciting, me heart go faster when me see Vass.
jjl5000, not nice. clintonf, antique not nice on oxford.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl what kind of models/styles are people interested to see? wiens and model with lot of broguing and flashy medallion, he do that best.
Me like the shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv No nail show at bottom of heel, where it gone?
Quote: Originally Posted by 888style Maybe a stupid question, but is that stitching there because of the Vibram sole, No. leather sole have it to. Quote: Originally Posted by 888style or is it just decorative? Fully functioning stitchs.
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL I know Russian leather always gets mixed feedback but here goes anyway...Cleverley bespoke Russian PTBs: Perfect shoe. You own it?
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee Pardon the poor picture but I thought I would participate... My work outfits are very casual so most of my shoes are more workwear-inspired... However I have a few more classic options. And these which sit in the middle. Berluti Alessandro Norvegese in camel leather lt look good, Casual.
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