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Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard In my experience with AS's top of the line shoes, they're excellent. I'd certainly put them about on par with most Vass I've bought or encountered.). You wrong!
Quote: Originally Posted by alexmvargas I would be curious to get people's thoughts on which of the two you would choose (assuming each was producing the exact same shoe except the last). That not make sence. Vass better, better leather and better construction. AS gemmed, construction can fail premature in some conditions.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi i want this hippo tie Me alway hate animal print, but hippo tie very good, first time me like animal print
Again, you very very good. me very inspired by you.
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Bengal, That's very true and not just in Northampton. It is a tradition that I both admire and respect. That said, I believe it originates in a time before the Gilman last lathe was invented and in an era when all lasts were hand carved and more or less made for individual customers as much as to standard sizes. I doubt that there are very many shoemakers in the world who still carry on that skill--and all...
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII The reason for this is just as simple as the proliferation of "fashionable" lasts that get promoted on SF. A good bespoke maker ought to be able to take the last he is using and make it look and fit just about like any last a customer thinks is the "very thing." But customers who don't buy bespoke don't understand that. Beyond that and going back to the idea of "proliferation," certain lasts have certain features that...
Single sole close cut bevel waist ruin look of shoe. Need double sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho I think he means heel counter. Yes. Me English good, not best.
Perfect works of art,
Quote: I picked up a tin of neutral polish which instantly darked my shoes Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl that's common knowledge... Yes.
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