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To get good fit take good customer knowledge of foot and fit and it take good communication to maker.Communication on fit take place at measure stage at fitting and follow up with email to make sure communication very good.To learn fit and foot take good effort and art to learn.Many man not no good on fit because he have rtw shoe and not no of good fit.Many man think he no good fit,but he not no good fit.Customer guide maker on fit,but to guide on fit is art form like 6...
Good old solid style.
It look cheap.Very bad trick man play. Vass is good.It me favourite rtw shoeMe get new pair soon. Many nice shoe get post here.Me like them all.
Very very good. Good heel.
the decos, it very very good.
Yes to both thing here.Yes G&G use different stitch style but it little messy.English maker not in practise with that stitch like ltalian maker.You many other G&G is perfect.The G&G norwegian distract eye.Yes.
Perfect G&G chogall. G&G do side inseam more good than with Luk cha pair.It look good here.
Me like the A.C very very much.It very very good.Me get the A.C very very soon.Me not no they sell it.What other shoe they got not in catelog?Look,it not there. ??http://www.gjcleverley.co.uk/our-shoes/anthony-cleverley
good Vass here, it one of me favourite shoe in rtw
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