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it look good with meseum leather.
editme like most shell shoe here. G&G shell =
Some Trickers need .5 size up, other Trickers need full size up. Always try in person to make sure.
Yes,Lobb/E.G/C&J/G&G all over rated.Bespoke and highend mto more worth it.
Trickers make some funny model that can do it,funny toe area at end of shoe,it slant down funny.Is it split toe derby?Trickers stuart model do it unless you size up.Some Trickers need 1 size up because of funny toe.
Most time it look not good like this Rare time it look good like this J.L leather swatch not look good. Cleverley bespoke in this leather...
Cleverley bespoke now use museum finish on some pair. Some time museum look good, many time museum look not good.
link very good
is this true?
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