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No E.G/Lobb/G&G worth the price, they look cheap and have shoddy workmanship because of machines used in making. Eg, 1. upper attach to welt all uneven because gemming is not placed even because man use machine too fast. 2. welt detach from sole in most high end English because the workshop cut corners and not attach sole and welt with glue in correct method (most shoe factory never glue leather correctly because it take more time to do right ) 3. feel cheap on foot 4....
Too many pair to count, in triple figures. Some brand = Edward Green Anthony Cleverley Gaziano & Girling C&J Churchs Cheaney Trickers Bespokes (various) Custom non bespokes Vass Santoni handmades Stefano Bemer mto AE J&M Zegna couture many vintage (lots of brands and often many pairs of each brand) good year welted = meh hand welted = more worth it. Edward Green rtw and G&G rtw and Lobb rtw and A.C rtw = not real shoes.
http://www.departures.com/articles/tom-fords-custom-shoes It say, The wait can be up to three months. A long time, but that’s also how long it takes for the Neapolitan workshop Ford uses to make a pair of shoes. And, as he points out, there’s no other way to make shoes of the quality he demands. Everything is done by hand, the leather has to be shaped to the last and then “rested,” and polishing alone can take up to a week Custom shoes start from $3,970, depending on...
it look good with meseum leather.
editme like most shell shoe here. G&G shell =
Some Trickers need .5 size up, other Trickers need full size up. Always try in person to make sure.
Yes,Lobb/E.G/C&J/G&G all over rated.Bespoke and highend mto more worth it.
Trickers make some funny model that can do it,funny toe area at end of shoe,it slant down funny.Is it split toe derby?Trickers stuart model do it unless you size up.Some Trickers need 1 size up because of funny toe.
Most time it look not good like this http://www.styleforum.net/t/383441/museum-calf-appreciation-thread/135#post_7114017 http://www.styleforum.net/t/383441/museum-calf-appreciation-thread/135#post_7137077 http://www.styleforum.net/t/383441/museum-calf-appreciation-thread/165#post_7247760 Rare time it look good like this http://www.styleforum.net/t/383441/museum-calf-appreciation-thread/150#post_7246076 J.L leather swatch not look good. Cleverley bespoke in this leather...
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