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Aha.Good.Me like the answer.
2D picture make hard to tell.
Mmmm,me like it me like it.
How 8,000 last compare to 7,000 last?
it new?
black cap toe oxford me favourite shoe. Me not own shoe in picture, but me like it very very much. C&J balmoral always make black oxford cap toe best shoe
good shoefan
Look how Delos have upper hang over waist of shoe, he do impossible.It very very tricky to stitch,no other man do impossible like Delos.
Semi bespoke no longer made. Semi bespoke hand welted with lower grade leather and less elegant lasts Anthony Cleverley is good year welted and very good leather and more elegant last and most highend rtw and imitation of bespoke. Anthony Cleverley look very very good and me like it. A.C elongated shank area very very special. Edward Green top draw>Anthony Cleverley >JL Pestige>Edward Green regular
New Posts  All Forums: