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me local bespoke maker take 45 hours to make shoe.me english shoe maker say he take 90 hours to make first shoe.me always think english maker tell story but now me think it could be true,he do two fitting.good post bengal stripe
Post is very good.
Stitch on welt not match wheeling marks on welt.Stitch on welt all crooked.Man stitch it very poor.Top of welt color not match shoe.New maker?Why Vass let it pass inspection?
forgotten pair happen very very easy. me lose many pair and find it years later.
Aha.Good.Me like the answer.
2D picture make hard to tell.
Mmmm,me like it me like it.
How 8,000 last compare to 7,000 last?
it new?
black cap toe oxford me favourite shoe. Me not own shoe in picture, but me like it very very much. C&J balmoral always make black oxford cap toe best shoe
New Posts  All Forums: