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Edward Green (top draw) Anthony Cleverley John Lobb (prestige) Edward Green Church (royal - leather quality but sole stitch silly for quality shoe with poor finish) John Lobb (classic) Gaziano and Girling Grenson (masterpiece) Church (classic range - build very good and more material like more highend) Trickers (country) Grenson (old classic range) C&J (benchgrade) Church (low good year range - less material in construction and less leather quality) Me not look at C&J...
You come long way in journey.Very very good.
36363 last?Mmmm me like it. Me have same pair.
1. Favourite brand and why you like it? 2. What english shoe brand you own?
Yes,it true.
It perfect design and colour.
???me not understand this,you talk very very funny in post.
me not like suede but it perfect!
how much that rtw cost from factory?many man tell me shoes very very expensive in japan.man say edward green cost $3,000 U.S
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