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Me like that shoe on P2 last best. like it me like it.
Very good.
eyelet ruin look here. me want hidden eyelet
Hmmmm,me like it me like it. me want it and it give me idea
You have become educated through experience. Very very good.
Edward Green (top draw) Anthony Cleverley John Lobb (prestige) Edward Green Church (royal - leather quality but sole stitch silly for quality shoe with poor finish) John Lobb (classic) Gaziano and Girling Grenson (masterpiece) Church (classic range - build very good and more material like more highend) Trickers (country) Grenson (old classic range) C&J (benchgrade) Church (low good year range - less material in construction and less leather quality) Me not look at C&J...
You come long way in journey.Very very good.
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