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not like it the pearl grey
me not like leather sole quality,me know it bakers but it not last good,other man say bespoke G&G sole wear fast to compared to other bespoke.me not like leather upper,it not as good as E.G for pairs me have and me not like it good G&G good year welted and me like not it when it like that. G&G look good and fit good but it not very good quality like other high end shoe from England.me like hand welt shoe,they very very good and worth extra money. good year pretend shoe,yes.
Me ask what color pearl grey?Anyone see it?What price man ask?Me like G&G look but never wear any pair because me not like quality.
Yes me to. Mmmmm.
Me like that shoe on P2 last best.
Mmmmm.me like it me like it.
Very good.
eyelet ruin look here. me want hidden eyelet
Hmmmm,me like it me like it. me want it and it give me idea
New Posts  All Forums: