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me have many more picture to post but computer play trick on me and it not post more picture.
Does insole have dimples?
Yes.Vass should make new last for F, U and other modern last with more narrow heel for export.We start thread on Vass heel width and send to Eva Vass,yes?
that always problem with that process.could build up smaller last but not always fix problem good,many factor to think about.many thing could happen.
That wide foot so 41.5 F last might be bestF last instep little higher than many last
Antonio Meccariello Calzoleria shoes me post more later
Here http://www.meccarielloshoes.com/calzoleria_meccariello_ita/index.html Antonio write, Please try with the address above for open. It is only Italian,i'm sorry for the moment. I cant use styleforum because i'm a new member and i have not permision. Thank you very much Please ask me any questions regards Antonio
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