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Me like the A.C very very much.It very very good.Me get the A.C very very soon.Me not no they sell it.What other shoe they got not in catelog?Look,it not there. ??
good Vass here, it one of me favourite shoe in rtw
Very good. Talk is good about the shoe in top post.
Yes,me think it true.C;leverley tell mafoofan what they do and he want shoe they not comfortable to make.They tell him to go and not come back ever,Mafoofan need shoe education so he know things and make contact good with Cleverley.You learn it more good and know things.You be good.The blue shoe in picture on top is very very good. who made it?me like it.
Maffofan, you put on shoe and me see if it fit good. you post picture on foot for men to see? me have pair come very very soon.
it perfect look.
Silly me.Me see JLL pic many time and me ask dumb queston.Me not think very good when me post it.Brain go to sleep all day long. Me wake it up now.
The shoe is very very good in pictures.It almost $9,000 for calf. Very very interesting thing he say.Very very interesting here.Me wonder if Lattanzi do it with plastic?John Lobb bespoke London?
Which part not true?They use wood last yes?Me say not any thing about plastic shoe,me only say they try plastic last once and move to wood again,that story a man told me,it true?
Yes,and me think it last better to shape of wood last more accurate (me think).Me think John Lobb Paris use plastic for bespoke but change back to wood,true?
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