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me not own it,
always like the pictures on blog.would like Santoni pictures on your blog. need more Santoni.Saratorial_Splender pictures are perfect.
Me always tell by how a shape looks on a foot.Me have it down to fine art. Many bad rtw fits on forum on many many men.
No lt different.Goiser use welt and feather,Norvegese-treccia (in picture) not use feather or welt,it use bonwelt (rand).lt use treccia norvegese that stitch upper to insole (inseaming).It also use single stitch (hard to see) on outside of bonwelt to midsole to outsole to secure it good.lt use treccia norvegese (woven norvegese technique) on bonwelt only as decoration stitch,so treccia on bonwelt not go into midsole or outsole.Treccia stitch look loose on bonwelt so it...
Good look and color of clothing and shoe. Good shoe always make difference.
very very good. look like you get heel slippage?that style loafer = very very hard fit
Yes,George Materna make very good shoes.Hand welted wood peg construction. How is fit?
Meister,do your Santoni big welt shoe have dimples on insole?
This man do many many thing. Many many style Many many color
More norvegese by Antonio Meccariello Calzoleria. BIG stitch and BIG welts only!
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