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you have face that look like me,look!
ah yes,you are right.Both norvegese and bentivegna can be done with feather moved to the edge to allow for out turn of upper,so norwegian can also be norvegese.Hmmm.Interesting how some maker make norwegian and norvegese different and other maker do it same way.Yes.Me have maker and me show him feather,he never see it before.He very good at poking awl through side of half of insole.Me like feather better,inseaming a new insole made more easy if inseam or insole get damage.
G&G man who use machine to sand sole and welt edge do poor job many many time.He need to be trained better or take more care or Tony find better man to do job.Very poor for high end shoe.Nice shoe color and desine.
yes. me like pictures very very much.
maker me use do this.me want feather and he say no.
Me say not true.Norwegian and norvegese look same but technique different.Norwegian have feather and upper join under insole.Norvegese use no feather and upper join in side of insole.http://img42.exs.cx/img42/9495/Lastp120section3.jpg
not always truebonwelt can also be stitched down on to midsole and outsole (blake rapid),it keep soles more secure and keep upper from getting damaged during resole (very very important function of bonwelt for single sole shoe).Teethy bonwelt always best! On many average shoe bonwelt is decoration.On good shoe bonwelt serve different purpose.
Fake stitching. you got tricked sorry about the , you know me do joke.
Yes,but bonwelt serve important function.lt still good.YesNo.bentivegna have no feather,goiser have feather.norvegese = bentivegna with L weltNorvegese and bentivegna more hard to resoleNot all bentivegna has braided stitch.
Vass 3636 heel width good for this man
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