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The shoe is very very good in pictures.It almost $9,000 for calf. Very very interesting thing he say.Very very interesting here.Me wonder if Lattanzi do it with plastic?John Lobb bespoke London?
Which part not true?They use wood last yes?Me say not any thing about plastic shoe,me only say they try plastic last once and move to wood again,that story a man told me,it true?
Yes,and me think it last better to shape of wood last more accurate (me think).Me think John Lobb Paris use plastic for bespoke but change back to wood,true?
this thread is very good, it best thread here me like it very very much.
me not see it,me see it one day,me neerly see it one time wish me see it now,but me not see it yet,one day me see it good.Me hope st crispin very good.
me like avator you have,it very very good. lt best avator me ever did see,avator is very funny word,why they use that?it sound silly
http://www.thefreedictionary.com/globme use glob,me always do this,many many time.lt very good for it,me use lot of it,keep leather very good and not dry,me think it much better with many leather type,it a good way,leather take it easy and good,it never bad.Me like saphir very very much because it very very good.every thing very good,me like it very very much.Me use saphir most day,wish it every day. Renovater me favorite.
me like many shoes by j ingevaldsson here.
[quote name="chogall" url="/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoo-porn-theard/8115#post_6328244" p.s., LS told me that G&G leather used is not as nice as EG or Cleverley. [/quote] yes, it true. E.G leather very very good. John Lobb prestige leather better Anthony Cleverley leather best of English shoe C&J hand grade leather = good but it have flaw easy to see and look bad compare to AC
New Posts  All Forums: