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yes,it look very very good.it problem for me,it on F last but pattern make instep little bit more than oxford shoe.it true.Oxford shoe get lasted in slight V form,monk not have it,it make shoe feel little bit more big instep.me think it to big instep.me with oxford just manage,maybe monk to much?it can be funny soemtimes with things.
yes,the st crispin little big on man here.it not matter,it rtw,rtw fit funny and play many trickto big shoe sometimes happen in this case.it fit him good so it good.
it wins
they have gemming failure. throw it out,it very bad.
Me buy wife this two pair she like it. she like man style shoe best. brogue her very favorite
that silly.
The black shoe always best. Me favourite is, oxford wholecut, oxford plain cap toe oxford punch cap toe oxford adelaide punch cap toe oxford wien always perfect and always very very good. me like them very very much. black plain toe derby, it semi good but oxford much much more good.
Vass mto = yes Stefano Bemer mto = yes E.G rtw = no = look cheap feel cheap G&G rtw = no = look cheap feel cheap C&J rtw = no me always like hand welt shoe, good year and fairstitch shoe = silly and toy shoe and not real shoe me hope to add Santoni hand made bentivegna constructed shoe next week. me like Santoni norvegese and bentivegna very very much.
Me not get it yet,me buy it soon and other Saphir product.me try it.lt the squeek Ms Berluti talk about.When shoe done very very good it squeek at you,it say in shoe talk "me finished now and stop polishing me". lf upper not squeek it not done good.
One leather expert tell me to lotion all shoe once a month worn or unworn.Man have many decades old heavy worn shoe made with average leather in perfect condition.Test for proper nourish leather is artform,many man say he shoe not dry when it is dry.Shoe need to squeek special voice when polish it,YES! Saphir renovator very very good to maintain between saphir cream.Saphir renovator very very good to maintain shell cordovan good to stop cracking.Saphir very very good,me...
New Posts  All Forums: