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not always truebonwelt can also be stitched down on to midsole and outsole (blake rapid),it keep soles more secure and keep upper from getting damaged during resole (very very important function of bonwelt for single sole shoe).Teethy bonwelt always best! On many average shoe bonwelt is decoration.On good shoe bonwelt serve different purpose.
Fake stitching. you got tricked sorry about the , you know me do joke.
Yes,but bonwelt serve important function.lt still good.YesNo.bentivegna have no feather,goiser have feather.norvegese = bentivegna with L weltNorvegese and bentivegna more hard to resoleNot all bentivegna has braided stitch.
Vass 3636 heel width good for this man
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuckyou always talk about birds and sexual intercourse on shoe thread,me not understand this.
Thread here http://www.styleforum.net/t/315566/antonio-meccariello-calzoleria-shoes
bonwelt = strip of leather usualy with teeth (rand) it also on blake rapid shoe bonwelt never attach to insole welt always attach to insole and never have teeth welt = on goodyear or hand welted shoe.   this link show some welt have teeth but it not true.
always need popcorn and scotch for santoni LE show.
Sometimes it is,other time it is not.Goodyear construction can be big problem after three resole and gemming failure is common,so it not uncommon for shell upper to outlast construction.Best not to buy shell for durable shoe reason,best buy hand welt construction for durable shoe and have it repaired by skilled craftsmen,or buy quality blake rapid construction shoe because bonwelt more easy to replace than welt on Alden.Advice in many other post here is very bad.
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