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me like many shoes by j ingevaldsson here.
[quote name="chogall" url="/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoo-porn-theard/8115#post_6328244" p.s., LS told me that G&G leather used is not as nice as EG or Cleverley. [/quote] yes, it true. E.G leather very very good. John Lobb prestige leather better Anthony Cleverley leather best of English shoe C&J hand grade leather = good but it have flaw easy to see and look bad compare to AC
this best thred ever make here it very very good. me like it very very much.
wrong post here.
yes,it look very very good.it problem for me,it on F last but pattern make instep little bit more than oxford shoe.it true.Oxford shoe get lasted in slight V form,monk not have it,it make shoe feel little bit more big instep.me think it to big instep.me with oxford just manage,maybe monk to much?it can be funny soemtimes with things.
yes,the st crispin little big on man here.it not matter,it rtw,rtw fit funny and play many trickto big shoe sometimes happen in this case.it fit him good so it good.
it wins
they have gemming failure. throw it out,it very bad.
Me buy wife this two pair she like it. she like man style shoe best. brogue her very favorite
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