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Yes,Vass never do good balance HAF sole.
Me ask Bontoni man for shoes price and he say funny things. Me not understand the man, he talk funny.
Me like ltalian style with Bontoni. How much for goodyear welted Bontoni shoe? How much for norvegese Bontoni? What Bontoni last fit like E.G 202/G&G TG73/ Vass F? More question later.
Yes.Vass hallmark.G&G and E.G and Lobb = shoes = looks but it limited substanceVass = the whole experience = looks and substance and dream come true for rtw.
Me love the black oxford shoe from Vass.Me have it in black shell.Me get new Vass pairs next week and order other pair soon.Vass have different feel,me like it.
Bestetti make agressive style, but me like Bestteti very very much. He excellent. How do the Bestetti fit compare with other bespoke?
No no,me not say it.Me keep it secret.
Me guess and use comon sense.If foot less wide than stock last it probably impossible to accomodate.If foot more wide than stock last it probably possible to accomodate.Me think E and F width could be done because it make sense in shoemaking without sacrifise of stock last,but it depend on things.
Yes,budapester shoe me most comfortable rtw.Me like budapester very very much.Me think of getting spectator budapester like that,it look very very good.
Vass = 10/10 for good price rtwG&G = 3/10Vass = real shoe made properG&G = imitation shoe made dubiousG&GMe like G&G style but never buy it ever again.
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