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Not shell cordovan
Yes,shoes look very very bad. look more good before man paint it
Like the Foster shoe, it look very good
Like it very much,look very very good,like the black shoe,mmm
Mmmmme like it me like it.
Yes P2 last best for that style. Me have it.
Very good.
no no,it very very bad,many many man use gem tape in old day because it come unstick many many time no no,many man need pretend shoe to.not enough man to make hand welt shoe for all man in wide worldmany many man have his gem slip,it very very bad. some E.G have gem slip under 5 yearfactory say it "common" for gem to slip under 7 year and like fair stitch moremany man not no his gem slip because he not no many things.
.make mistake
no no E.G pretend shoe to but leather is good.no no,me not mean that.yes it true but good year not good enough for me.yes it can be silly but me and shoe maker think this way and say it pretend shoeno no no,me visit factory and talk about good year welt shoe and me visit workshop and talk about good year welt shoe and always see gem failure.me know better because me see factory and workshop and know industry peopleme tell truthme see many thingshand welt much more goodgood...
New Posts  All Forums: