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Me not think that because it depend on fit issue.No point originally doing lot of hand inseaming if high chance needing to undo it again.Hand inseaming can later be done in original holes of upper in some cases after adjustments.
Yes it very very good.Style very very good.
Cleverley made an exeption for David by doing a basic trial shoe before the normal trial shoe.They did it this way because David is a challenging fit.Me guess they machine lasted the shoe and run it through good year welt machine.Me guess it is welt they use on rtw shoe and the upper machine stitched to machine created feather.Me guess they do it this way to save lot of time doing hand work in case it not fit.No point preparing insole and carving out feather and hand...
does it pill? is it good?
Very very clean.It perfect.Me like it.
many many good pair here, all are very very good.
Yes me post it.Me probably get mtm/bespoke pair.Me read somewhere St Crispin go up to $7,000 (2015 price) so me think that be alligator boot,so me guess normal alligator shoe be less.Me like alligator very very much. Here is article the Berluti bespoke alligator shoe is $19,000 now.Me would like it.
How much St Crispins alligator shoe cost for rtw? Phillip Carr not email back yet. Me wish to know because me want it.
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