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many many good pair here, all are very very good.
Yes me post it.Me probably get mtm/bespoke pair.Me read somewhere St Crispin go up to $7,000 (2015 price) so me think that be alligator boot,so me guess normal alligator shoe be less.Me like alligator very very much. Here is articlehttp://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/fashion/more-footwear-brands-for-shoe-loving-guysYes the Berluti bespoke alligator shoe is $19,000 now.Me would like it.
How much St Crispins alligator shoe cost for rtw? Phillip Carr not email back yet. Me wish to know because me want it.
ruscal, very good pairs
Mmmmm,it look very very good,me like it me like it.aligator look very very good
No!Me have sole and it very very thick and it never break in after 20 year. Thick sole crush many many rock on path because it very very thick and very very heavy,me like it like that.
many many man like it very very much me like it very very much namor like it very very much
How it fit compare to vass budapester last?me like it.
Mmmmm,it perfect
Not shell cordovan
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