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Got my first pair of Allen Edmonds by way of their preston loafers. I see my self buying many more AE in the future.
I just read Hr Giger is going to be working with this movie too:slayer:
She was very hot when she was curvier and had that trade mark hair cut of hers. got a bit to thin Imo recently but still easy on the eyes,. Wouldn't say hottest woman ever .I would likely give that to belluchi or marceau
Anyone catch the strike force fights last night.? Chick got her armed snapped
I enjoyed the movie. it was much better better than the horrid third installment
saw the misfits two days ago. Highlights of the night include a mosh pit that took up most of the floor, some fat girl beating her boyfriend right in front of me, another fat girl ralfing on the other side of me, a mom and her two daughters hitting on me at the same time:slayer:, someone getting their lip ring yanked out, shoes flying all over the air and getting knocked off the moshers, will be seeing anthrax and testament on the 19th:slayer:
This made my day a 3,600 dollar used tie.
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