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Drop by the Pineider original store. The leather goods are a whole different league than anything else you can find in the so-called leather shops in Florence.
Stunning. Too bad it's not in my size.
PM-ed on the Glenroyal folio.
I experienced the same discomfort issues with my 2 pairs. When told about the lack of inner cushioning, I was told most customers add on Dr Scholl's insoles. Quote: Originally Posted by ApplesHK I've been meaning to update my opinions for a few weeks now. I've had two pairs made by Zees. Both look great but are abominable to wear. The first pair had to be taken back and stretched (too small in toe box area and uneven feel to the inside.) Zees...
You may want to consider messenger bags in waxed cotton or oil cloth. These tend to resist stains and water better. Or you could get a Billingham camera bag, which work well in an urban context.
Yes; go for it. I do the C & J Lowndes with dark denim. I think the key is to keep the jeans simple, unadorned and in a straight cut.
Try Century 21 or Daffy's; if you're lucky, you may find something half decent but at this time of the year, it's bedlam.
PM sent on Lowndes.
I have a pair of driving shoes from Cole Haan - those work great as a casual (and less pricey) alternative to Tod's. I would stay away from their formal offerings.
Quote: Originally Posted by River Dog I never said I don't wear suits. I am just saying that I don't need to wear suits to do business in this day and age and that is the difference. This idea that you command respect by being well dressed is so outdated. Like I said before, a lot of the newer companies are laid back and casual, but obviously they are still doing business. I do not know what profession or occupation you are in, but you...
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