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You could just put hard floor casters on your chair. Or use a piece of carpet instead of a plastic mat. Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 I don't understand the purpose of chair mats. Normal chair casters scratch hardwood pretty badly, because they are designed to roll on carpet.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyJew That's exactly how I do it. Except about 90% of the movies I'd like to watch don't have the button to add to instant queue. Only the crappy ones. I'm curious, for those of you who use something else besides a Wii- Try these three movies, and see if you can play them instantly. The Exorcist (restored version) Texas Chainsaw Massacre Paranormal Activity I want to see if we have the same capabilities or...
Quote: Originally Posted by dinogj Well for $150 you can find REALLY vintage nice leather bags on ebay that fit the bill instead of "settling" for a canvas bag. Thanks I'll have to look at eBay. Quote: Originally Posted by bwonger06 Look at the Filson 256. Great messenger and I can fit a big binder and my MBP in it when I need it for school. Check out the Crane thread because there should be a 10/20% coupon code in there...
Any recommendations for a canvas messenger bag? Something to carry a laptop and notes around campus. I'd like to get a leather bag but just don't have the money for a nice one. As far as the look I'm interested in, something like the Land's End Canvas bag but a step up in quality. I wouldn't expect much for $40. I'd say my price limit is $150.
Anyone who thinks tucked in always looks bad needs to look at some of RFX45's fits in SW&D WAYWT. He looks pretty young as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by bearsfan172 The two ways I've seen to get anything RLBL (so I'll assume it applies to polos as well) are to buy them at an outlet store (unikely that you have a full RL outlet store near you, and not just a Polo Ralph Lauren outlet store) or an online vendor, or you can wait for a RL sale. One just passed by, but I think that someone mentioned they will have another come the end of summer. That being said, on the cheap, I'd...
Thanks for the replies. Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life RLBL's are nice and don't have a logo. They fit really similar to the PRL custom fit but have much better fabric. They also don't have a tail. Any tips on how to get the RLBL polos for less than retail? Quote: Originally Posted by brazboy Just get the tail hemmed. I did it with all my RL polos, works fine. Yeah, I'm going to do that with the ones I...
Quote: Originally Posted by cioni2k I've had some good luck with JCrew polos. They have a tail, but its nowhere near as long as the RL Polos. Relatively slim fit, cheap, no logo. Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by nightmair It's called a tennis tail, and most have it. Corrected
Hey, Anyone have a recommendation for polo shirts that have a similar fit to RL slim fit polos but don't have an uneven hem (tennis tail) for around the same price point of $75-100? I like everything about the RL slim fits except that stupid tail. Also, not having a logo would be a plus. Thanks
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