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You know, I've used Ebay since 2001, but never filed a dispute before this one.Going by Ebay's pages, it seems the only option would be for Ebay to force the seller to give a refund, then eat it on shipping & send them back. Unless I'm missing something?
I now think perhaps the soles had been blackened to hide additional scratches.
They were advertised as "This pair has never been worn". There was just a stock photo (which people often do for 100%-brand-new items). Yes I already filed a dispute & am in communication with the buyer. But, they insisted strongly the shoes were brand new, so I posted here to make sure I wasn't being unreasonable.
http://imgur.com/a/K6lqG Allen Edmond's Park Avenue. I bought them from Ebay "New without box" - which should mean never worn. They seem like what I'd call (albeit slightly) worn. Then again, leather is almost never perfectly pristine. Unsure if I should ask the seller for a partial refund. What do people more knowledgeable think? Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Can you add darts instead? Thanks, I don't know. I thought of that as well (my suit jacket is darted). This tailor never brought it up, and I wonder why? I've also been considering asking them about that, or rather, having someone else ask them, as the language barrier is a bit thick for questions pertaining to such a specialized field.
I see. I may have to consider even just paying international shipping (both ways) to return these shirts to the US Brooks Brothers Center and get back 'extra-slim' versions. "Purchases may be exchanged or returned at any time", or so they say...that would be quite a bit cheaper than paying to alter my 5 other shirts.
I had one Brooks Brothers shirt's sides taken overseas by a local tailor (in a *very* wealthy area) for $18. They did a beautiful job taking apart the seams and then re-doing them. Unless comparing side by side to see the difference (neither is better, just slightly different), one would never know the shirt had been taken in. Thing is - they say this was substantially more difficult than they expected, due to the seams being glued (which upon inspection - yes,...
Nevermind, thanks.
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