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Decided to upgrade my travel luggage this past week. Picked up the Pullman, Large Twill Carry On and Small Duffle. Each serving its own purpose.
I hear you. I decided to return the Filson dopp kit I got last week as it is heavy and not very space efficient. For the same price I am going with the following dopp kit, which is made in a cotton canvas twill and seems to be much more space efficient even if slightly larger than the...
Interesting I will have to keep an eye out for this. If it ends up being to heavy I will have to take that into consideration as I am trying to pack lighter these days.
Just picked up the Dopp kit in brown. Thing is stiff and I am looking forward to breaking it in.
I have to say I am pretty excited. I was looking hard at the Pullman as a travel bag and realized that the first bag I purchased when I moved to Seattle in 2006 was a Filson carry on. I dug thru my storage and lo and behold. This bag fits at least a weeks worth of clothing and looks better with age. Any one know what model this is? I don't see it on the website. I was able to fit 5 Polos, two pair of jeans, three pairs of shorts, two large bath towels, toiletry bag,...
I am talking about the new Twill pack. I bought mine 2 weeks ago for at trip to Europe and I was able to fit my laptop in but it was tight. I will take a few pics tonight so you can see the fit.
I was able to fit my 17" inch laptop although it was snug so the 15" should fit no problem.
Heading on a trip to Italy tomorrow and wanted to take a backpack instead of my computer bag so I picked up a Filson Twill in Navy. This thing is rugged but classy at the same time particulary with this dark blue shade. Lots of pockets inside and a padded area for your computer.
Justin - Great pick up those are going to be very versaitile. What did you do for the sole?
Captoe Boots inca Leather
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