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Justin - Great pick up those are going to be very versaitile. What did you do for the sole?
Captoe Boots inca Leather
Leffot uses US sizing on their website for Corthay and the shoes in the store are marked with US sizing.
I got the pair of boots that I just posted for $1,600 so that's a $200 price increase which while not a huge deal is proportionally a large increase. Maybe not a big increase for you but others do like to know this.
FYI - found out today the price for a pair of standard leather shoes has increased to $1,700 and boots to $1,800.
Simple Captoe Boots in Dark Brown Inca. Turnaround time was great, 8 weeks.
I also like the style of the blue pair here. In another color they would be nice. I think my favorite pair of Bontoni loafers are the ones on the left here wingtips sans tassel. I'm not a big loafer guy but these would be great in a dark brown.
Justin - I really like the middle two tassel loafers in the attached link. Different color tassels would look good. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/286541595013804141/ http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/wp-content/uploads/blogger/-_hLV9CqTUMg/UJjyRvOwzII/AAAAAAAAILM/RZnoC2hXKQY/s1600/2012-10-08%2B14.27.43.jpg
Justin - I only have regular calf and suede. I have seen Bontoni use alligator before but never Cordovan. They also use pebble grain calf (I think you may have a pair in pebble grain). It would be interesting to know if they use other types of skins.
Yes they are great wore them today actually. Have them in a dark chocalate color.
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