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I have been using the large twill carryon for about 6 months, I have it in Navy. I am really liking this bag for a few reasons:1) I like the suitcase style of the bag, which makes it easier to store clothes so that they have less wrinkles then when removed from a duffle bag.2) This thing fits a ton of stuff all the while being carryon size. Even when fully loaded it does not get too heavy and it can easily be used as a main travel bag for trips a week or longer.It does...
Bontoni VK Nagrani
I actually have the pullman as well which I use for trips a week or longer but I agree its not fun carrying that bag around at full capacity. It would be to much for an overnight or a few day trip so the medium travel bag fits that nicely.
I initially used my small duffle for travel but found it to be slightly to small for everything I wanted to bring so I added the Medium Travel bag which in my experience is great for traveling and can fit approximately 25% more than the small duffle. I use the small duffle exclusively as my gym bag now and the Medium travel bag exclusively for overnight or short trips.
Newly serviced Seamaster Railmaster with a new brown leather strap. Omega did a great job fixing this thing up after a few years of nonuse.
Just picked up the Filson Pullman in Navy
I second the Medium travel bag. To me the duffel is to big to carryon. I also recommend the Large Twill Carryon if you prefer a suitcase style bag. It is great for packing shirts and other items that fit better in a suitcase. I have been using a Navy one exclusively for travel lately and it works great.
Bontoni VK Nagrani
Just Picked Up - JLC Master Ultra Thin - 41mm. Hope to wear this true understated classic for many years.
Decided to upgrade my travel luggage this past week. Picked up the Pullman, Large Twill Carry On and Small Duffle. Each serving its own purpose.
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