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Just picked up the Filson Pullman in Navy
I second the Medium travel bag. To me the duffel is to big to carryon. I also recommend the Large Twill Carryon if you prefer a suitcase style bag. It is great for packing shirts and other items that fit better in a suitcase. I have been using a Navy one exclusively for travel lately and it works great.
Bontoni VK Nagrani
Just Picked Up - JLC Master Ultra Thin - 41mm. Hope to wear this true understated classic for many years.
Decided to upgrade my travel luggage this past week. Picked up the Pullman, Large Twill Carry On and Small Duffle. Each serving its own purpose.
I hear you. I decided to return the Filson dopp kit I got last week as it is heavy and not very space efficient. For the same price I am going with the following dopp kit, which is made in a cotton canvas twill and seems to be much more space efficient even if slightly larger than the...
Interesting I will have to keep an eye out for this. If it ends up being to heavy I will have to take that into consideration as I am trying to pack lighter these days.
Just picked up the Dopp kit in brown. Thing is stiff and I am looking forward to breaking it in.
I have to say I am pretty excited. I was looking hard at the Pullman as a travel bag and realized that the first bag I purchased when I moved to Seattle in 2006 was a Filson carry on. I dug thru my storage and lo and behold. This bag fits at least a weeks worth of clothing and looks better with age. Any one know what model this is? I don't see it on the website. I was able to fit 5 Polos, two pair of jeans, three pairs of shorts, two large bath towels, toiletry bag,...
I am talking about the new Twill pack. I bought mine 2 weeks ago for at trip to Europe and I was able to fit my laptop in but it was tight. I will take a few pics tonight so you can see the fit.
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