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Soletrane - The Large Carryon - 242 was the first filson travel bag I purchased years ago. It's a great bag but for some reason the style of the Pullman always reasonated with me so I sold the 242 and bought the Regular Pullman. The problem with the Regular Pullman is that it was bulky and even with just a few days of travel items it got heavy quickly, so I sold the Regular Pullman and bought the Large Twill Carryon. I still use the Large Twill Carryon, but given that I...
Stopped into the Filson HQ in Seattle and picked up the Small Pullman this weekend. I have to say this is a great sized bag for short travel trips. Having used the Regular Pullman on a number of occasions and how heavy it could get, the Small Pullman is a great alternative. It easily fits 2 to 4 days or more worth of stuff and the size makes it much easier to carry. I'm looking forward to using this for a number of years.
I don't believe these bags are for sale just yet. I think Hank's is just getting them up on their website once announced by Filson.
Looks like Filson has come out with a few new luggage options. I do not see these on the Filson site yet though.
Looks to me like the Filson model 242 which is no longer made. Large carryon. I used to have the green otter version.
Thank you for the response. The attached link directly from the non mobile Filson site shows the dimensions as 48.
Has anyone recently purchased the medium duffle directly from Filson? The reason I ask is that the size of the medium duffle appears to have been reduced by 4 linear inches 52 vs 48. The one I have is the 52 version which I find too big even for long distance trips. Heading on a two week trip to Europe and planning on taking my Large Twill carryon as my main bag but would consider an updated medium duffle if the size is noticeably smaller than the older version. On a...
I have been using the large twill carryon for about 6 months, I have it in Navy. I am really liking this bag for a few reasons:1) I like the suitcase style of the bag, which makes it easier to store clothes so that they have less wrinkles then when removed from a duffle bag.2) This thing fits a ton of stuff all the while being carryon size. Even when fully loaded it does not get too heavy and it can easily be used as a main travel bag for trips a week or longer.It does...
Bontoni VK Nagrani
I actually have the pullman as well which I use for trips a week or longer but I agree its not fun carrying that bag around at full capacity. It would be to much for an overnight or a few day trip so the medium travel bag fits that nicely.
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