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Looks the same label of a coat I have that the seller told me he got in the 70s.
That looks like it would get dirty really quickly.
Fred Perry often have a Harrington without any plaid lining. The laurel logo is usually self coloured so wouldn't stand out.
Can you post a fit picture? What size are you?
I've had a Merc harrington before. For the price they do the job, they are also, I find, cut wider than the current batch of Baracuta G9s.
That bag is fantastic. I want that fabric to upholster my motorcycle seat with.
That is a seriously beautiful coat. Great photos.
What's going on with the right shoulder? Is it like a gun patch?
Heritage Research have stopped a few years ago sadly.
I would love that sweatshirt but I've found Cabourn stuff to always come up short on me. So it would have to be an in person buy rather than online.
New Posts  All Forums: