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Quote: Hey, I'm enjoying my LVC 1947 501XX (thanks Br.). Great pair of jeans. The fit  is not exactly "trendy" by today's standards, especially when worn next to a pair of nudie, but they have that "authentic" look which is quite amusing, and they attract a lot of attention from people in the streets (at least in paris). Now, to the topic, how do Sugar Cane raw compare to LVC 1947 line? My pair of 501XX is W31, so I will *never* wash them since they will...
Notify can be lovely on girls. Like all womens' pants, it varies a lot on individual's arses. Unfortunately, some of Notify's womens jeans can be a little too stretchy and make some otherwise fine arse look like a confectioners piping bags. Anyway, regardless of personal taste, the quality of denim, make and wash are good.
articulated knees = GStar Other brands that do looser fitting jeans are, MHI, Blue Blood, Rogan, PRPS, Armani Jeans, Bape...there's lots out there, especially the skate brands.... depends on your personal tastes/budget. How about more Girbaud's? The recent collections have some very well executed funky washes.
Brian's way is great. Here's another way (it's the method some of my japanese denim nerd friends do it). Soak them, inside out, in a container of cold water for 3 hours. Change the water a few times. Spin in a machine to get rid of most of the water. (just spin, no heat). When they come out they should be just damp. Then put them on and let them dry on the body.
To be dweeby is the nature of men Denim has the same ingredients of interest as any other clothing. History, design, manufacture etc. It's the same as being interested in handmade shirts (yarn dyes, yarn counts, mercerising, handmade button holes, real pearl buttons etc), bespoke suits and suitings...food, wine, cigars, cars.... premium/hipster jeans are impractical, or at least designed without regard to utility. The same could be levelled at many items of clothing....
Quote: A friend of mine has the Guitar Wolf jeans. I haven't seen him since he's bought the jeans, so I dont know how they fit IRL. I was thinking about getting a pair but they look a little too high-rise, full-cut for me. I love GW but I just can't imagine myself wearing them exclusively like I would want. ringring, compare them to 1947 Levi's, will you? The Wolfs are looser through the leg than LVC 47s. They aren't high rise. Just a 'regular' fit....
Quote: Ok, I'm looking at these jeans again and I think they are either cheesy, or the coolest I've ever seen. Especially now that Guitar Wolf may be done forever. I don't know. I have a pair. They're great jeans. Apparently a very ltd supply, so if you want some best get your order in quick. Edited: I'm referring to the denims, not the leather jeans.
I think LA Guy explains the LH/RH thing very well. It's worth reading his explanations again. It's about the relationship of the direct of the twill weave compared to the twist of the yarn. In a world where all things are equal a LH twill woven with Z twist yarn will have a slightly softer feeling than a RH twill woven with Z twist. Z twist = right hand twisted yarn - the usual yarn used for denim. S twist = left hand twisted yarn. In reality things are never equal and...
I understand what you mean. It doesn't really bother me too much. You read far more fluff every month when picking up a regular fashion mag like Vogue. I quite enjoyed the film
T4phage Thanks   Regarding Nudie, I've not noticed anything particularly overboard about their marketing. I've not noticed any claims to be THE brand that understands denim. Got a link?
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