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Ye Olde and Brief Gyde to Denim Blue in Olde London Towne. Selfridges, Oxford Street. Possibly the best department store in London. If you have the fortune of a fair maiden as companion, 'tis a good place to leave the lady for a browse round the posh frocks whilst you take a gander at brands like: Evisu Nobody (Aussie brand, does some dry selvage) Red Ear by Paul Smith (there's a dry selvage with a bit of handbrushing in this season). LVC - they usually have a few...
Quote: Helmut Lang Bootcuts (really a straightleg) and Rag & Bone "Trouser cut" jeans will get you indie props, as well as looking non-tragic to both your peers and your daughter. I'll second what LAG says. Keep it simple. Simple washes (a one-wash rinse is fine), simple cuts. And the biggest must-do is to wear the jeans on your hips and not up by your navel PS - If you must go with Helmut Lang, go with the dark jeans. The stonewashed ones this...
Soak the Uniqlo's in cold water for a few hours. Turn them inside out first and hang dry naturally. That will shrink them up fine.
Not sanforized. Expect approx 1.5 inches shrinkage on waist and about 3 inches on leg length. See this link for more info:
Try a brand like Rag & Bone. Lightweight japanese denim. Very understated details/wash and available in a chino-style cut that is 'less-jeansy' than a classic 5 pocket jean. They look great with classic shirts and leather shoes. I've seen them on city gents and monied country folk. All ages. Look great. R&B's are rather expensive, but sounds like you can afford them.
Anybody has those, what about the fading, would you say the "greycast" makes the jeans more unique? It's just a technical term for the shade of indigo. Indigo can 'cast' its' shade in various colours. eg "redcast". It's just that most brands don't use it as a selling point.
LOL yeah. Maybe I should try a Saturday Night Fever walk when I'm back in Paris.
Oh, I see. LVC 47 versus Sugarcane 47. The LVC 47s are one of the best Levis made IMO, so if you're into Levis and selvedge then they are almost a must-have. However, if you were to ignore the labels and the historical references, then I'd take the 'Canes. I don't live in Paris (yet). But I was there the other day, wearing raw selvedge jeans and nobody batted an eyelid at me. Darn. You live in a beautiful city. Lucky man.
LA Guy put that perfectly. Personally I would doubt very much that APC would use selvage denim for a pair of jeans but then cut the selvage off. It makes far, far better commercial sense (ie spending at least half the money on fabric costs), to use regular full width denim. Their story about "Due to the slightly tapered cut of the tight jeans, they are not made of selvedge denim." is a slightly odd excuse . You certainly can make tapered jeans with selvage denim if...
I've no idea how many shuttle looms Cone have left, but it would make sense that domestically made looms were widely used to produce selvedge denim in Japan. Toyota made them.
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