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Avoid. Dress pants are made to be easily altered eg. centre back waistband seam (sometimes), darts. Jeans are difficult to alter for waist size. You have a chain stitched waistband to alter and re-stitch, fell seamed yoke/crotch....not worth it IMO. It could go pear-shaped, literally, pretty easily.
I also pick Gap. Good fabric, decent fit and sewing quality. Washes can be a bit hit and miss, (but then the same could be said of all brands) but the simple rinse wash jeans are good value. They had some very nice lightweight plain weave jeans this summer which wouldn't have been out of place in a 'premium' collection. Lee (in particular Lee Europe & Lee Japan, do some very nice inexpensive jeans), same goes for Edwin and Uniqlo (do the malls have to be in the US? )
Regular (non chainstitch) hems are simple to do at home. Just shorten, fold up twice, press and edge stitch. As far as thread choice, just choose a mercerised 100% cotton thread of the same thickness and colour as the original hem. If you want to be a wee bit more anal, then keep the hems nice and narrow, 1cm or less from edge to stitch line.
Just a bunch of US "premium" jeans brands. Stronger at womenswear IMO. You'll probably be able to google up a whole lot pics on each of them.
Sacred Blue looks like a cross between Rogan and unsurprisingly Blue Cult. (It's formed by the son of the owner of Blue Cult). You could pop it in the same ballpark as Joe's Jeans, Hudson, Citizens of Humanity, Rock n Republic, Yanuk etc.
Are those raw indigo panties? In that case, bunching is very much to be desired Thanks LAG.
Exactly the point Edited to add : BTW LAG, personally I agree with you regarding Prada and 45rpm. I didn't mean to sound argumentative
Quote: Prada has actually been doing denim in their mainline on and off for a few years now,  and it figures into their Sport line regularly.  I never found the jeans in any of these lines particularly appealing; and at Prada prices, I don't know anyone in their right mind who wouldn't get a pair of 45RPMs instead... We'll see. I think the high price is an attraction to many Prada customers. They wouldn't have it any way. Many will be clueless...
Try out the pumice on an offcut of denim (like leftovers from hemming) or somewhere out of sight like the front inside waistband or inside fly. Rather than going out and looking for finer pumice, I suggest instead to find a piece of fine grit sandpaper. The grey stuff (emery paper). Test as above. You want to just rub gently on the ridges of naturally worn creases. So wear your jeans at least a few days to get the creases in there. Just rub enough to turn the very dark...
It looks like jeans made for a 60s film about the year 2000 Here's the catalogue, Lots of dark denim with white rubberised prints. They've also used the print as a way of finishing off the raw edges of fabric.
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