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'tis true, many of the Redmoon wallets are huge, like 3 times the thickness of a J-Fold wallet. They do make some smaller versions too though.
The wallets are really nice. They all generally fit into the back pocket of jeans - aside from the long wallets that stick out a bit. The wallets are rather thick and bulky though (they don't look like they will fit into your jeans but they do) - so it's not as an efficient way to carry money, as something slimmer like a J-Fold. You may have to ask them to put an eyelet and oval ring onto the wallets if you want to wear them with their wallet chains/braids. You...
I'm pretty sure there's a website, but it escapes me at the moment. I'm sure someone will post the URL. Otherwise I'll try and remember it later.
Even in that pic, it give you 'no idea' compared to the real thing. Pop them at the top of the list. & good to be around again, thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Red Moon leather goods are serious shit. I'm always curious what you do, what your history is, etc. You're a mystery, man. You and Takashi are always up on what the newest runs of Japanese jeans are. Red Moon are completely handmade by fanatics. Even the stitching (talking about their wallets etc - most belts are not stitched), though done by machine - the machine is wound by hand. The belts have superb...
I have no idea where to see them on the net (aside from the Rakuten link you posted) - the denim is a lot nicer in the flesh than in those photos. If you only saw the photos, you'd probably just surf on by to another pair of 'flashier' jeans.
The AI-001's are natural indigo. Front rise is around 11". They feature slightly different stitching to the XX-003 (super thick thread round the fly and pockets), and pale blue selvedge. The denim is of a rougher, undulating, uneven texture than the XX-003. The XX-003 are superb jeans too. Pink selvedge. Similar fit. Otherwise, both jeans are pretty plain, with plain back pockets and rivets. If memory serves, prices are around: AI-001 = 45000 yen XX-003 = 19000...
I'm not really one for 'ultimate' anything. But I love the belts made by Studio D'Artisan & Red Moon. Get the light coloured undyed belts and watch them change colour over the years with wear.
"It does make me wonder about things like "value" and "price". The elements that make it expensive are intangible, though interesting. And I wonder if "high-end jeans" isn't an oxymoron." Look for a brand called Pure Blue Japan. Made by a supplier who made jeans for 45 before they parted ways. Prices are friendlier. Quality is outstanding. They are also relatively slim fitting & low-rise for Japanese 'repros'.
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