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Try The Flat Head 3008. There's probably none in the USA yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD oh, and I'm dying to see the Studio D'Artisan D-1237s in person. The fabric on them is top notch. Might be the best I've ever seen! The denim of Studio D'Artisan D-1237 = Pure Blue Japan XX-003.
Most of the Redmoon wallets will look big in a pair of slim fitting jeans. The long ones look particularly huge, and kind of strange. But I think they look fine.
I believe "wibble" is the 'nitty' to "wobble's" 'gritty'.
In the pictures from the Warehouse links, you'll see the little 'bobbles' in the denim. I stress that the photos in those links have 'flattened' the denim. You'll understand when you touch a washed pair. This kind of bobbling is quite popular at the moment on washed denim brands, and is usually achieved by fluffing the denim up with a rasp. On the Warehouse Diggers the bobbling occurs naturally in the denim - just like on the Pure Blues. If you look at a dry pair of...
"contrary to what ringring says- the fabric on the xx-003 isn't that similar to the warehouse duckdiggers in my opinion (unless you're just looking from afar)- the duckdiggers that i've seen are all smooth to the touch, visually slubby- the xx-003's have a rough texture and are also visually slubby." Wash the Duck Diggers and you'll see what I mean - I would defy anyone to call them "smooth to the touch". The Diggers will bobble up. The Pure Blues are one wash. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Even though natural indigo denim seems very tempting, I'm affraid someone like me, who doesn't get to wear denim during the workweek, will have to wait an enormous amount of time to get some wear in and reach a good comfort level. BTW would you size down/up with pure blue models? I'd go true to size with Pure Blue and buy the one-wash. Maybe go an inch higher with the natural indigo pair (ie if a 34 waist by a...
Differences: Fabric - not just the dye, but the natural indigo pair has a significantly more 'knobbly' aspect to the surface of the denim. It undulates. Fantastic, although this is not to everybody's tastes. It's also a thicker, stiffer denim, and hence less comfortable to wear. The crossroads where all the fabrics meet at the crotch is a particularly 'wodgey' area The synthetic indigo denim is darker, still very slubby (not dissimilar to Warehouse Duck Diggers -...
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Debating between natural and synthetic Pure Blue... What were the prices? If my memory serves... AI-001 = 45000 yen XX-003 = 18000 yen Both superb. The XX-003 is by no means a 'poor man's version'.
Quote: Originally Posted by xcoldricex teaser: i've got a lot of pics coming... They look familiar.
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