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Get the Pure Blues. The Dry Reg Ralphs are plenty nice, but the Pure Blue 005s (and the other PBJ one-wash/dry jeans) are one of the best of their kind.
Quality is very good, in an 'imperfectly beautiful' way Try Barney's in NYC. I was looking at some recently in Barney's in Shinjuku, Tokyo, so there's a good chance that they will be sold in NYC too.
Quote: Originally Posted by nastyandy I'm wondering if someone can explain to me why a pair of jeans would be made with only one selvedge seam. I just picked up a pair of Lee raw half-selvedge jeans, and while I'm certainly not bothered by the different 'halves', I guess I don't really understand selvedge. I thought that selvedge denim was designed to prevent the fabric from unraveling, so wouldn't having one non-selvedge edge defeat the purpose?? Here...
I'm familiar with Paul & his shoes. If you appreciate his aesthetic and hand crafted artisan feel to his shoes then it's worth the money.
There's an Italian brand called Vintage 55 that makes a replica of that Baracuta style jacket. It come in a nice shiney box too.
Just try them on in the store. I reckon if you can get the button done up and still have enough room to stick a finger between your hips and the waistband, then you're good to go.
Congrats on the Duck Diggers. Just for the record, in my experience with the DD 50s it's worth buying an inch more than your 'regular size'. ie. If you normally wear 32, then get a 33.
Quote: Originally Posted by xcoldricex 8oz denim! i'd like to see that. rogans are also pretty lightweight from what i remember. Rogan has some cotton/linen and cotton/hemp jeans from his 'A Litl Bettr' collection that are very lightweight (9oz maybe?, I don't recall too well). Light on fabric but very heavy on the wallet ($450-$690). Made in Japan, shuttle loomed, very limited edition. Not sure where, outside of the Franklin Street store...
Front rise is about 11.5" - not that high really.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD These "Black Bear" 10th Anniversary Warehouses look very nice: The denim looks very unique. Coincidentally enough, I've been wearing those lately. Lightweight 2x1 selvedge denim - you only get the visible selvedge on the fob pocket - the outseams are felled. They shrink down to a slim fit. Brilliamt summer jeans. You get a nice book with the box.
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