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Quote: Why would this method be more costly and time consuming compared to mercerizing the yarn?  Isn't it much better to 'treat' the fabric at the yarn stage before weaving it as to get an 'even' treatment?  At least it is considered superior to treat yarn before weaving for shirtings, etc. Mercerising is more costly compared to not mercerising a denim. Obviously it's an extra process denim has to go through (done at the end of the denim making...
Quote: Please add the definition for broken twill, a weave achieved by alternating the directions of the twill, for a zig zag effect. Diesel makes some nice double ringspun broken twills, e.g. the Moorix in stardust. My GSUS Ra is broken twill as well. Brian, You may want to add that Broken Twill was designed to combat the twisting effect that was a characteristic regular twill (and considered a 'fault' by many at the time). By going on both...
Quote: ringring, Welcome - I've always enjoyed reading your posts on the Superfutures forums.  Hoe you like it here and decide to stay. Thanks for the welcome LA Guy. Honored to be here and look forward to learning from you all.
45rpm will chain stitch your hems. That's the main difference between them and a regular tailor. Very few places have chain stitching machines - and that includes jeans factories. If chainstitching is important to you, then it's worth it. If not, then get them hemmed anywhere.
Brian must have Great job you're doing here Brian. Much respect to LAGuy too.
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