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Mikechh, you are correct, processing and spinning the yarn will effect fabric softness, as will other factors. Left Hand twill however, will feel a little softer than RHT if the same, Z twist yarn is used. The quote you have added is basically correct. When you touch LHT you're rubbing against the twist of the yarn, so it feels more open and softer.
Quote: Originally Posted by goatamous The price point is still double that of a regular pair of Flatheads Do the subtle differences x collabo really justify the extra cost? I can answer the first part of your question. When a product gets moved from a regular production line to what's really a sample sewing line, prices regularly double, or more than double. It's just one of those things that's a result of loss of efficiency. Thanks...
Clever, charming guy is Kiya. Greatly enjoyed the interview. Many thanks.
There are many benefits of having 'non-selvedge' denim - which in this context means wide width denim produced by jet looms giving a fabric width of around 56" and are generally characterised by having a fringed selvedge, as in the photo below. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e2...hamjim/lee.jpg taken from an older thread here : http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=14522 Selvage denim is perfect for straight legged jeans. The pattern pieces slot into the...
Quote: Originally Posted by younglaw It's my first pair of raw denim. I want these to last a long time and I dont like the over-faded look..I prefer subtler lines. I like the pics of worn in PBJ XX-005 raw, Eternal 811, and Samurai S5000VX. I'm open to other thoughts. My measurements on a favorite pair of jeans are: Waist:32.5-33 Thigh: 12" Front rise: 10.5" Bottom: 9" I don't want a pair of jeans that will give diminishing returns after 9...
Quote: Originally Posted by allcapitan I'm a real stickler for keeping my place clean. I have a nice white tub and want to keep it looking nice. Can I expect to keep it that way if I warm or hot soak my 501's for 2 to 3 hours? Or, will it leave some serious stains that require a lot of time and muscle to get rid of? Who's got some experience here? Use the salt & vinegar to clean your tub
Quote: Originally Posted by dongeri Crocking is the fading of indigo that occurs when the denim/fabric is rubbed against something. I'm sure you could use crocking as a term to describe what makes whiskers and fades in general. As for the resin treatment: Jeans that has a deep indigo dye and is NOT treated with resin makes your hands blue if you rub them. Resin does NOT, however, prevent your jeans from fading the usual way (whiskers and all...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pablo-T The rigid model only. Washed LVC denim comes from Italy, most likely Legler. Legler in Italy has gone. Closed well over a year ago. I think a lot of the know-how was bought up by LGM, the Moroccan denim mill - who make splendid rope dyed denim.
That's a really nice modded Union Special Atsui. I must get to Seattle.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen ^ If you are going to use vinegar make sure to add in a pinch or two of salt to keep the jeans from losing too much indigo. I don't think the vinegar will effect the indigo much. Weak acetic acid shouldn't dissolve nor fix indigo (which, incidentally is an alkaline dye). Nor will the salt do anything. Both a great on chips (french fries) though
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