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I work around the corner. I'll probably come either at lunch or after work on Friday.
Do you have dimensions? What does the inside look like?
I'm looking to get a pair of used L.L Bean boots and am wondering about sizing. I wear 9 in AE Park Ave, and 9.5 in AE Cambridge. Any advice on what size boots to go for?
Size 9 US / 8 EU Black Bally Shoes, new with shoe bags, but no box
I have a pair of black Bally sneakers that I'd love to keep, but are about 1/2 size too big for me. I wear 9 in AE Park Ave & 9.5 in AE Cambridge. The stamped size is US 9, EU 8. The shoes are pretty awesome. The leather is really soft, and there's a suede toe-cap. The logo is also in all black on the back of the shoe. I have shoe bags, but no box. I hope these fit somebody!
PM #3
Any recommendations on a tailor in Bakersfield? I have a bunch of Mabitex pants that need to get fitted.
Banana Republic blazer: too big, and had it adjusted anyway. Never wore it anywhere. Kenneth Cole cream colored blazer: no idea what to do with it, also never worn. And I've moved from MN to DC to CA with these. I'm a hoarder.
Want! Pm
do you have a fit pic of the beanie?
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