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Photos don't seem to be working.. Would you be willing to ship to Brazil? At my expense, of course.
Love everyhing about this, except for the closed quarters.
This is insanity alright! Calling dibs on 26, hope noone beats me to it.
There's one in Sausalito.
The grey'ish one looks brilliant.
At most retail stores I know, SAs are given some of the clothing to wear as uniforms. It's a good way to show the costumer what the products look like when being worn.
Does anyone have real life pictures of the Strand in smaller sizes, such as 8D? I recently bought one during the Land's End sale and chose 8D because that's my size in the 5 last. I'm a tad worried though, because I find balmorals tend to look a bit odd on smaller feet and all the broguing on the Strand may end up a bit busy!
I was also split between these two but couldn't get the 649 to work on my face. Someone recommended me the Persol 2931: They're quite a bit smaller and easier on the face, but still look a wee bit bit like the 649. The lens don't have that tear drop shape which prevents the 649 from working with most people. In the end, I bought both the wayfarers and the 2931s.
Are you sending it back on account of the left foot having a significantly brighter color?
This damn forum. Kopped a pair of Strands.
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