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Went back today and found these nice Alden shell's. Will try my luck on the bay with these.
Yes sir
Haven't thrifted in a while but today I found this awesome practically unworn Levi's big E denim jacked[IMG]
Today's only find
copped these bad boys today! perfect timing too
I have some jackets that no longer fit me for sale Corneliani Windowpane EU 54 Ted Baker Orphaned suit jacket 44L Polo Brown Cord sz XL Custom Corduroy Navy Jacket wit Zegna Fabric 43 R CLICK MY SIG FOR MORE INFO
Its the picture and how I have it placed in my hand that makes it look big lol
Found this little nugget for my tie collection
Whenever I go to the beach I make sure I wear Brioni lol.
Thrifted these last month! sold them on the bay in 6 min lol
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