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I like the opponents for the 2 seed better than the 1 seed.
So I hear they are saying Ashley had prescription and did recieve HGH but Peyton didn't take any of it, is that right? If true that is a gross breach of confidentiality of a patient.
4 is not a "healthy" level. Fans are an effective way of mitigating the risk, spend the $1500 and protect your family against cancer.
Usually if appliances don't break within the first year (defective) they won't fail for a while so extended warrantees are a waste of money, but it sounds like you got a pretty good deal so don't lose any sleep over $300.
Redskins fans
Wow what a game. Monkey off the pats back (still a second left though)
Peyton Manning 5 completions/4 interceptions?
Go ahead and enjoy yourselves while you can. Brady is going to shit on your team next time they meet.
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