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Washington and Dallas were penalized for overspending on salaries in that uncapped year so NFL probably doesn't care if CBA was in place or not.
NFL does this 10 days before the SB in which manning is playing? What a fucking bullshit.
Looks like Al Bundy the wild life refuge occupier in Oregon was just arrested...
Sure. It seems really specific though, so take your time :-)
"History" and Manton's agreement? You must have a specific source for your 3 generations claim or you are pulling that out of your ass.
I don't think anything has gotten my blood boiling like the stabbed Swede girl and that vid clip ^^ in many years.
^too little too late. I can't believe they had no answer for the pressure which always throws Brady off. Denver defense pulled this off but they won't pull it off against the Carolina.
Manning is a first ticket HOFer but he needs to go away. It is painful watching him play when he moves and throws like your grandma. He is going to be a great QB coach and maybe OC soon.
Yeah it will be a long week.
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