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While there have been some good discussions in this thread, I don't think any special education was required to know behaving like that towards the kid was wrong.
^The OP is a valid question, is that thread shitting really necessary?
The impact of EU troubles on the US economy will be an issue, Obama's ideological position will not be an issue.
Thoughts on NFLX? They announce earnings tomorrow.
Interesting story for those who are interested in strategy and competition today. http://www.forbes.com/sites/adamhartung/2012/04/20/sayonara-sony-how-industrial-mba-style-leadership-killed-once-great-company/
Probably because more of those who oppose legalization will base their vote on this issue than those who support it.
Nope, there is an income limit above which you can't deduct tuition(for individuals).
It is ironic to see so many people attack that chart in a thread where the OP is just as stupid and misleading.
OMG OMG, unemployment data are getting revised? Obangye fail
The show was renewed for 3 more seasons so 7 seasons and Weiner said he wouldn't do more.
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