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OMG OMG, unemployment data are getting revised? Obangye fail
The show was renewed for 3 more seasons so 7 seasons and Weiner said he wouldn't do more.
How is that relevant?
Very WTF indeed. Who the fuck tries to kick a whore out without paying her?
That is what you call a RINO.
Interesting. I would have guessed that HOA homes would have been slightly more expensive in Price William county (second study) just by the area. It is one of the cheaper areas around DC (given its distance from business areas, lower school performance, etc) where a lot of minorities and immigrants live and issues of overcrowding, etc have been prevalent. I think HOAs is such areas do add value since your neighbors may not understand/share etiquette and values due to...
I don't get why they use AGI for this. I think total income or taxable income are better measures to use.
That is not the issue. The point is that they would have to give up an economic activity in order to make a donation, which is why in my opinion they would be more generous.
New Posts  All Forums: