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I wear synthetics for sports (ex officio, patagonia, UA) and cotton for everyday (CK, Boss, 2x). Recently, I picked up a couple of high quality microfiber boxerbriefs by Hugo Boss and they are very very good, even though they are pricey. They are good enough to wear for everything. I saw CK MF one's recently for around $25 which is more reasonable. Anyone else tried these?
Eating >> Blending >>>> Juicing
Would buy a 42L, probably.
Quote: Originally Posted by ABALO Errr. NO. +1 Quote: Originally Posted by Racing Green I assume that's NYC as those chaps would get a good kicking in most other places. Personally I think they look terrible but hey, I'm a European hick. +1
LOL, dumb and dumber.
Quote: Originally Posted by Runningman411 Gotta love broscience! Can anyone point to a legitimate study that discusses muscle building? And by legitimate, I mean something done by someone other than a nutritional company. While there is an abundance of basic research, there has been very little applied research in this area. Most of it has been focused on elderly and those with wasting diseases. Most sports physiology research cover...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kookz What? Your metabolism is either in a catabolic or an anabolic state, you can't selectively break down one kind of molecule while synthesizing another one at the same time. In anabolic state, you will add both muscle and fat, in catabolic state, you will lose both. Diet and exercise can optimize the ratios of these, ie gain more muscle than fat during anabolic, lose more fat than muscle during catabolic.
Broscience at its best.
Quote: Originally Posted by otter not true at all it all depends if you are staring from a low base and how clean your diet is You can not add significant muscle without adding fat, and you can not lose fat without losing muscle. All you can do is try to optimize the ratio for your goals. If you don't get that you don't understand basic human physiology.
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