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This concludes my mini meltdown on this topic.
Sure that is a possibility, however his lawyer stated that he had a big gash on the back of his head but the paramedics who examined him did not see a reason to even put a band-aid on his head. Also, they neither observed nor heard anything in the description of the events that warranted taking him in for observations and people are very paranoid about concussions and such these days.
Dude don't be a dumbass. Someone asked me why I was having difficulty believing Zimmerman's account and I listed my reasons which are obviously personal and subjective. Calling them conclusory is stupid. Move on.
That is clearly not the case. The report description of offense:HOMICIDE-NEGLIGMANSL-UNNECESSARY KILLING TOPREVENT UNLAWFUL ACTFirst impressions are always best
I hope not.
Interesting... That is a good 360 degree view of his head and face.
nicely done.
No where on the attacker is your weak hand?
LOL ataturk I caught your OP before you realized your stupidity and ninja edited. EDIT: You went and edited back to the original, I love it.
Your weak hand is where exactly?
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