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Speaking of Golf, I shot a net 70 on Tuesday, my best score ever!
I was trying to see how Romney's message is changing now that he is running for general election. The economy? Cutting Medicare/Medicare/SS? Tax cuts? ObamaCare repeal? So I I just stopped by his website to find an amusing front page story: "WOMEN AND THE OBAMA ECONOMY/Women account for 92.3% of Obama job losses" This is going to be an entertaining election battle.
http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-04-11/u-dot-s-dot-files-antitrust-lawsuit-against-apple-hachetteWhat say you AF?
Wow those were two massive quakes, if the epicenter wasn't 300 miles away under the ocean the place would have been devastated. Phew!
I wouldn't be surprised if he raises much more than that from donations and hires some high powered attorneys.
Actually, running and taking votes away from Romney would be the perfect strategy to bring Republicans closer to his ideas vs. what he did last time around.
Maybe not. From the article:Also, I thought the bolded part was NAAFP not NAAFA.
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