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Wow, 12 grands to learn RoR!
No, they will start charging everyone a fee to spend on extra security and an active team of guards. Will also put a few laws in place designed to restrict the number of visitors and day workers that could be committing crimes. That will just continue and both the fees and the rules will increase continually and so on and so forth.
This seems like a good idea until the first murder happens.
I thought it was called the Persian Gulf? Shah isn't that right?
Dude I am not defending Obama on the economy or spending, I have no problem condemning him when he fucks up. You are the one who has difficulty accepting the fact that the debt ceiling crisis was a creation of Republicans. This is not just my opinion, there are many good sources that detail the turmoil inside the Republican party at that time and how astonishingly Boehnor was rebuffed by some of the junior reps whose constituents sincerely wanted a default.
You think going up against the debt ceiling was an unusual event, don't you?
Don't mix the issues. Did the dems refuse to raise the ceiling thus risking the gov's ability to pay the interest on its debt? That is the issue that you highlighted in your OP.
The Arab Ataturk has spoken.
Wow someone was under a rock for the last 5 years...
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