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Where are the muzlins?
Looks like some institutional shareholders are going after CEO pay packages in the banking sector.Read more at http://money.cnn.com/2012/04/24/markets/occupy-boardroom/index.htm
Yes. The banks with surplus balances at the Federal Reserve lend it to the banks who need it on an overnight basis. This [Fed funds] is the rate that Fed targets when it wants to manipulate interest rates.
Yeah, I don't know why, I did the same thing to a friend who kept saying same kind of things a few days ago. I guess I am getting old and grumpy.tck, the Fed controls the money supply through various mechanism, printing money is one of those mechanisms. Generally it circulates the new money through open market by buying and holding assets and does the reverse when it wants to reduce the money supply. It never 'gives' money to banks, though it does loan them the money...
Fed's effort to stabilize the economy doesn't mean it prevents recessions, it means that it reacts to recessions in order to limit both the severity and the duration of them. "The banks and Gov." do not print money and collect the interest. That is just ignorant talk and the reason I said I would bow out. If you want to learn, ask a question and wait for answers instead of making those kinds of statements.
I was about to make a response here and but the bolded demonstrates a severe lack of knowledge on the issue, so I will bow out.
VCs will NOT let any of you have big salaries. They want you to be hungry and grow a successful business that has a big upside potential when the company is sold or goes IPO, therefore they always insist the founders take a below market salary and work to make their options valuable instead. You can pretty much write off any possibility of big raises before a liquidity event.
Do you understand how the VCs work? Do you understand how liquidation preferences and participation work and how big the option pool is? In most circumstances you have to do REALLY well to get rich in a VC funded company. They also get board seats and in many instances decide to get rid of the founders (usually the CEO) well before a liquidity event which sucks. However, it does have potential to be a good financial gig, definitely will be an awesome experience, and if...
Why just China and India? We would have to wait for Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico and literally 100 other countries that would provide cheap labor.US is never getting into basic manufacturing business again but it will continue to grow modesty (high in output, low in labor force) in highly skilled precision manufacturing.
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