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1) I am saying the teachers are not better at better-performing schools, the students do better because of the supplemental education at home.2) My local school system has been doing that for many years now. Every year they take one or more affluent communities and re-district them into low-performing schools. The average of SOLs, etc goes up instantly because you just added better performing students (duh) and the politicians take credit for having improved educational...
Meh, it is a crappy article when it comes to education:This is patently false in my area and undoubtedly purposefully inflammatory. School board routinely provides higher funds to lower-performing schools so that they have better facilities, lower class sizes, etc.People of higher socioeconomic status on average care more about education and are likely to heavily supplement their kids education at home. That is what causes the difference in outcomes not a better public...
I agree Matt. I was going to write "Gold (silver, etc, or a combination) standard" but decided to keep it simple.
Tck, I'll try my best to answer these and I am sure others will disagree and add their own two cents.The movement against the fed is something that many politicians benefit from. Those on the right point to the Fed's bailout of the auto industry and fannie/freddie as prime examples of big government interfering with free market principles, personal responsibility and accountability, and corruption (paying off unions), etc. Those on the left point to financial/insurance...
Time for a money funded fiscal stimulus like Bernanke proposed for Japan over a decade ago.
Just about the first remotely intelligent thing you have ever said on CE.
Funny stuff.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It is so beautiful I teared up while going through it. Will blast my contacts with it shortly.
Wow that thing is amazing...
WTF? You people expect the US embassy in China to enforce our standards of human rights on Chinese government? That is stupid.
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