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These are in-fact complicated issues, and a lot of early beliefs are being challenged by new scientific findings: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/1...o-weight-loss/ Edit: From the article “"The message of our work is really simple,” although not agreeable to hear, Melanson said."
The other guy hired a PI instead calling his insurance company???!?? Very unusual. You have insurance for exactly this reason. Call them up and let them handle this, including any legal costs. They will let you know if they require a police report. Not a legal advice btw...
Quote: Originally Posted by bmf895 The formula, expend more calories than you take in, is easy. What many people find difficult is putting that theory into consistent practice. Rather, take in less calories than you expend, big difference.
I wonder if it is partially because they think customers who do this are buying good deals to try to flip them at a better price, only returning if they can't sell them. Especially when we are talking about 10's of thousands of dollars worth of purchases and returns. I have done this at REI for years with no problems. But then again I pay a premium at REI in order to enjoy their satisfaction guarantee.
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone You may have the same experience with excessive returns at Target, Macy's or any other brick-and-mortar retailer. Due to returns abuse, many retailers now keep detailed records on excessive return customers and have tightened their return policies. It's all part of cost control and being able to offer low prices. If I ran the company, I'd do the same thing. I've started and operated retail companies in high-tech/telcom...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Yes, this is my doctor's thought. I told him I have been having trouble concentrating at work and also that I've been waking up and not getting a good nights sleep, even when I tried going to bed at the same time every night for 2 weeks. Quote: Originally Posted by M. Bardamu I'm heading for one of these too, for the same reasons. I also snore loud as hell. The good news is that...
I don't know which one should raise the eyebrow more, the head to toe copying, or the posting of the head to toe copying in WAYWT.
Quote: Originally Posted by OffTheRack I can't compete with most of what's posted on here, but I wanted to start contributing now that I have a smart phone with a decent camera (still need some work on the full length/lighting). Today--office basics. I look forward to your comments. Your tie needs a dimple.
New Posts  All Forums: