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4 is not a "healthy" level. Fans are an effective way of mitigating the risk, spend the $1500 and protect your family against cancer.
Yes I am sure Turkey and SA will find an equitable role for the Kurds so they should just chill. /uncessesarysarcasm
Usually if appliances don't break within the first year (defective) they won't fail for a while so extended warrantees are a waste of money, but it sounds like you got a pretty good deal so don't lose any sleep over $300.
Russia is sending S-400 air defense missiles to their airbase 30 miles from Turkish border.
This looks like a deliberate provocation by Turkey. They shoot down the plane and take credit within half an hour, the pilots are killed by bullets while decending midair, the helicopter looking for the pilots is hit by an American TOW missle, and everything is nicely recorded and video clips posted online. There seemed to be a lot of goodwill between Russia and France after the tragedies and there were hopes for a united fight against ISIS and a political solution in...
The pilots were shot and killed after ejecting. This is going to get ugly.
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