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QFP. Love the bits about ordering the press and the coming recession. The connection with atlantic shipping (a result of ports being too crowded) is the cherry on top of banana split.
So they were freed and I guess the Iranians refueled (or fixed? ) the disabled boat so we could get both of them back. Breaching Iranian waters turned out drammatically different for us than for the Russians when they breached Turkey's airspace for 18 seconds.
It is reported that Steelers gave Porter a game ball after victory.
Fucking Marvin Lewis should have controlled his players. I can't believe he stood by and watches as that shit went down.
Second penalty was BS.
Cincy might pull it off.
Ok I see, disregard what I said. A second sink and bigger shower are obviously more important and so is having some room to move around freely.
Where I am you can't have a master bath without a tub. Post your Google drawing.
Fun fact about Saudi economy: 90% of all jobs are government jobs.
The doc can't do that, HGH is indicated only for a handful of conditions and idiopathic short stature.
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