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Yea VM is it. Manning would be ridiculous.
Lol newton sux
^ Newton looks like he is going to pull a Donavan McNabb. Maybe he should take a nap and recoup during the half time. This game is boring as hell.
Talib is such a fucking loser.
Wow denver's defense looks like they are going to get it done. Good for Philips.
So while introducing SB MVPs some people booed Brady, Branch and Flacco. I get the sour grapes with Brady, but why boo Branch and Flacco?
It's funny how people bitch about Brady even when he is not playing.
Ugh. I think of the residents of Homs as example of refugees that are streaming into Europe escaping the war. But fuck those Tunisian/Moroccan/Algerian/Pakistanis/etc who are tagging along with them trying to get a cushi life in Europe.
What do you mean? It accurately reflects the idolized physique of the current generation:
That was suicide by FBI. Finicum had said his foster children were his main source of income and farm labor. They had recently removed all the children from his care. Seriously though, what was their end game? I just can't imagine they were stupid enough to think any real change would come as a result.
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