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It seems I misunderstood what was going on when I heard the Turkey news last night...
It is not dying, they just took over CNN Turk which was on live as it was happening. Also the military is bombing the parliment.
Erdogan is in a plane seeking asylum in Germany. Kerry who is in Russia refused to comments saying he doesn't know any details. Interesting.
A coup d'etat might just be what Turkey needs...
Still walking out on a security job is no the most responsible thing to do.
Not yet, but I suspect it will start soon given the recent alarmist talks about AI including those by Stephen Hawking.
Yes, it exactly means that, just look up the definition of a robot. I have no issues with the rest of your statement, just don't want idiots jumping on this as a reason for why we should ban robots/AI. There were no robots involved in this incident..
Yup. Neither one acts autonomously but is controlled by a human. We do not have suicide bombing robots [yet] fortunately.
It was not a robot that killed him btw, despite the dipshit reports. It was a remote controlled device.
New Posts  All Forums: