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What a fucking ass.
That is a great way to go dude...
Cool! What are you painting and what paint are you going to use?
I don't think 2X6 is even necessary except for accommodating thicker insulation. I have never heard of a house collapsing around here.
Cool story. But this is Nigeria and Boko Haram is known for kidnapping children and using girls as suicide bombers. There is no reason to assume it was the parents unless of course you are trying to perpetuate a certain storyline.http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/12/africa/cameroon-boko-haram-child-bombers/Eat a dick and shut the fuck up you retard.
It is Tillerson not Romney for SoS. Love how Trump is humiliating his rivals, apprentice style.
It most likely wasn't the parents you dumbfuck.
Trump doesn't need the CIA or the intelligence community since he has all the answers or can call Putin to find out. He is going to clean up the CIA and make it great again, since that worked so well for the last president who tried it.
I don't think so. His admiration of the Russia and Putin/hatred of American exceptionalism won't go well in either party.
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