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Cruz picks Fiorina to be his running mate.
It is not going to affect anything. And the Chienese don't nearly hold as much as assets or debt of the US as people think.
I don't think you read carefully enough:Obama is not nearly hard enough on the fucking terrorist regime.
I just walk in, say hello, and go on to visit the house. If the agent wants to chit chat I politely give a short answer and go on to see the house. I leave my information as requested and grab bruchures if I need them on the way out. An open house is not a place for detailed conversions as the agent needs to acknowldge and greet people as they enter and exit. Visiting an open house is by no means any kind of guarantee or commitment to anything.By the way, usually when...
The right reasons would be Cigars and Rum.
^He is lucky he didn't get choked to death. Jaywalking is probably an offense as bad as selling a loosey.
This from the live blog must be it:Trump says Rubio has said he has small hands and therefore that something else on his body was small."Let me tell you, I guarantee there's no problem," he says.
You have become a really shitty poster. Why even bother?
Yeah most immigrants who I know are against flooding the country with more immigrants. As a matter of fact, many of them who have worked their asses off to get where they are take a surprisingly hard line against easing immigration policies.
Looks like Rubio beat out Cruz in SC.
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