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You think Obama wants us to go to war with Israel?
Looks great Emptym. I would say the trim is "almost" done until you dissolve the side door trim into that cabinet. :-)
This was in response to Putin's speech a few hours earlier saying Russia must upgrade its strategic nuclear capabilities. Is the Putin/Trump honeymoon over already?
You really don't understand how the world works if you think that. And you have not been paying attention to how Trump conducts himself either.
Why is Meister not banned yet? isn't he the marroquin[sp] dude's sock? What was his username?
What a fucking ass.
That is a great way to go dude...
Cool! What are you painting and what paint are you going to use?
I don't think 2X6 is even necessary except for accommodating thicker insulation. I have never heard of a house collapsing around here.
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