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Lolz. Ataturk is saying he is too stupid to look at the data to make a determination as to whether they makes sense, but he is adept at figuring out which meanies are right or wrong. Ok then.
I think hanging it in your mancave is very different from hanging it outside your home.
Speaking of which, I thought Comey was between a rock and a hard place and did what he thought was the best. Then I saw this http://www.marketwatch.com/story/fbis-comey-has-a-sinister-history-as-a-political-and-corporate-fixer-2016-11-02. @NoVaguy what is your view?
She was at 85% a week ago. She started to slip after the third debate but Comey did a real number on her chances.
LOL not likely. Falsifiability and such...Evolutionary biology is the shit though.
Alberto Gonzales has come out against Comey too.
Craigslist or ebay but don't expect to get anywhere near the MSRP. What exactly are you going to replace it with that fits your lifestyle better?
We will get Mexico to pay the government.
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