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Lots of reports of him being at that club many times before also using a gay dating app...
Lolz. Mateen was a US Citizen.
We have the star burner rangetop and love it. But didn't get the wall oven because of reliability issues and bad reviews. Only Bosch dishwashers for me. Are you installing a makeup air system? Even if the code doesn't require it you should get it if you are going with a big burner and fan.
Trump has cinched the nomination.
Congrats on the remodel. I am curious about your upgrade of the hood. Did you need to worry about make up air with the Viking hood?
Why are n00bs allowed to get in CE?
One of the Koch bros basically said he would support Hillary over Trump a couple of weeks ago.
Cruz picks Fiorina to be his running mate.
It is not going to affect anything. And the Chienese don't nearly hold as much as assets or debt of the US as people think.
I don't think you read carefully enough:Obama is not nearly hard enough on the fucking terrorist regime.
New Posts  All Forums: