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Most home theaters are build in the basement on the front side of the house which is under grade. Storage, cellar or HT are pretty much the only ways to use that space.
You are lucky, the old one was hideous.
Quick! call a whaaaambulance this guy is really buttburt.
Around 2007ish prices had gone up so much in a few years that most people couldn't afford to move into their homes if they already didn't own them. Many new buyers were getting interest only/subprime loans and buying homes that they couldn't afford. We are not anywhere near that now, so no, not really worried about that.Also source of the bolded nationally?
We have the star burner rangetop and love it. But didn't get the wall oven because of reliability issues and bad reviews. Only Bosch dishwashers for me. Are you installing a makeup air system? Even if the code doesn't require it you should get it if you are going with a big burner and fan.
Congrats on the remodel. I am curious about your upgrade of the hood. Did you need to worry about make up air with the Viking hood?
I just walk in, say hello, and go on to visit the house. If the agent wants to chit chat I politely give a short answer and go on to see the house. I leave my information as requested and grab bruchures if I need them on the way out. An open house is not a place for detailed conversions as the agent needs to acknowldge and greet people as they enter and exit. Visiting an open house is by no means any kind of guarantee or commitment to anything.By the way, usually when...
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It's stupid to compare that to sexual assault.
That is some nasty stuff if true.
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