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You have become a really shitty poster. Why even bother?
Yeah most immigrants who I know are against flooding the country with more immigrants. As a matter of fact, many of them who have worked their asses off to get where they are take a surprisingly hard line against easing immigration policies.
Looks like Rubio beat out Cruz in SC.
If I understand it correctly the FBI is asking them to create a new firmware that disables "erase on 10 failed retries" and push it to that phone so they can brute force the pin, which can be done pretty easily.
Error 503 "no healthy backends" Something about cache.
I am not sure who the burden is on, but the guy undeiably murdered 14 people and he might have accomplices who helped or might be planning something similar. We as a society need to facilitate a way for our law enforcement to get the information in his phone so that they can do their job without enabling abuse of such privilege. I am not sure why apple can't offer an acceptible alternative to decrypt the phone. EDIT: Actually i just had a glass of wine and thought about...
A few years ago after Republicans performed exceptionally well in the mid term election we were told that a new era of Republican dominance was upon us and that it would take Democrats decades to rebound. Yawn.
I regret I didn't do enough to get a mention in this post.
that's what I hoping. But sorry, he doesnt.
I went and looked at a video of his to see what he sounds like for this reason.
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