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The French should take Calais back and let the British deal with the Jungle on their own soil.
One of the recent mass murders was carried out by a so called red piller loser who couldn't get laid, wasn't it?
No one wants to understand his daddy issues or give him the benefit of a doubt you idiot. You need to understand the threats and be able to classify them in order to have an effective risk management. A Virginia Tech, Aurara, 9/11, Columbine, San Bernardino, or an abortion clinic attack needs to be understood in terms of the risk vectors if one is to mitigate against them, or even discuss them intelligently. That is what the rest of us are trying to understand. You...
Of course it doesn't excuse it. But understanding the nature of the act is important in order to take measures to prevent them in the future.
AFAIK ISIS has not taken credit for this attack though they praised it. FBI has not been able to find any connection between him and ISIS either. He didn't leave any messages on social media, etc before he went on murdering people. Only after he was held up in the club with no way out did he think to call 911 and declare allegiance to ISIS.Most importanty, attacking a gay club (or any other finge targets) does not frighten the population the way random attacks do which...
Most people I know have difficulty dealing with one, you want to have 4?
I didn't say it was proof that he was gay or that he wasn't gay. I said there are reports that he he used the app and hung out at the club. Now being a Bayesian guy these mean something to me but I did not speculate anything so your response was dumb.
WTF are you talking about? You are the one speculating not me.
Lots of reports of him being at that club many times before also using a gay dating app...
New Posts  All Forums: