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He just announced there is zero chance of that.
Those all sound like a bunch of illegals...
I think personal preference is the most important thing. I love open spaces so I tend to like open floor plans and big windows. If you like yours keep it the way it is.
Around me you would not be able to sell a new home without baths in all the bedrooms. You may be able to get away with a jack and jill if priced low enough.
He probably ends up being an MRA type guy rather than a muslin extremist.
He looks like he could be Arab or Paki or whaterver, maybe they aren't sure of his ethnicity.
If the players are only there to play football then they should not play the anthem at all. If they make a point of playing it and having people stand, then using it to protest is fair game IMO.
First degree manslauter charge for the Tulsa cop.
Also maybe CTE and safety issues is starting to erode the popularity of the game.
Sr dumbass.
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