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Yea VM is it. Manning would be ridiculous.
Lol newton sux
^ Newton looks like he is going to pull a Donavan McNabb. Maybe he should take a nap and recoup during the half time. This game is boring as hell.
Talib is such a fucking loser.
Wow denver's defense looks like they are going to get it done. Good for Philips.
So while introducing SB MVPs some people booed Brady, Branch and Flacco. I get the sour grapes with Brady, but why boo Branch and Flacco?
It's funny how people bitch about Brady even when he is not playing.
Ugh. I think of the residents of Homs as example of refugees that are streaming into Europe escaping the war. But fuck those Tunisian/Moroccan/Algerian/Pakistanis/etc who are tagging along with them trying to get a cushi life in Europe.
What do you mean? It accurately reflects the idolized physique of the current generation:
New Posts  All Forums: