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I am not sure who the burden is on, but the guy undeiably murdered 14 people and he might have accomplices who helped or might be planning something similar. We as a society need to facilitate a way for our law enforcement to get the information in his phone so that they can do their job without enabling abuse of such privilege. I am not sure why apple can't offer an acceptible alternative to decrypt the phone. EDIT: Actually i just had a glass of wine and thought about...
A few years ago after Republicans performed exceptionally well in the mid term election we were told that a new era of Republican dominance was upon us and that it would take Democrats decades to rebound. Yawn.
I regret I didn't do enough to get a mention in this post.
that's what I hoping. But sorry, he doesnt.
I went and looked at a video of his to see what he sounds like for this reason.
Right. But I hope the threat of a block will make him appoint someone deserving who is palatable to both sides regardless of race and gender.
Nice one. What if it is an Indian?
That is basically a thorough dicsussion of Cruz's career.
Hah didn't think about that one!
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