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I believe you chlorinate the well/pipes once to kill the bacteria. It is much easier to filter the chlorine for a few days than the bacteria forever.
Why is that?
Romo to DC next?
Redskins hahahaha haaahahhahahhaaahhhhaaahhahahaha
This is SF afterall. Much like bespoke clothing, many people with strong opinions on how homes should be built have never actually build one.
Custom or semi-custom? Also cluster/subdivision developers build mostly without input from people who will later buy them thus the word "stand alone" in #9's definition.
That is a good point actually. Also that not all home improvements need to yield a positive resell impact, some improvements are just for the owner's enjoyment (utility) rather than investments in property (not referring to Peeb's gas FP which I like a lot).
Idfnl needs to learn to share his views, which are not necessarily wrong, without being a gigantic douche online. I wouldn't be surprised if he is nothing of the sort in real life.
Power outage?
Looks great Emptym. I would say the trim is "almost" done until you dissolve the side door trim into that cabinet. :-)
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