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You could have done it yourself with a bucket of cheap paint in a weekend with minimal prep work. Cuck.
Yeah Houston's defense did very well. Aren't they a top ranked D this year?
I was thinking the same.
LOL seahawks are such losers.
Ok maybe I misunderstood the point of the question then, which seemed to focus on the merit of putting up wainscoting vs. answering OP's question about the complexity of doing so. We can move on.
I don't think anyone disagrees with this. My point is that strictly following a style to the letter isn't necessary or practical for most people ( not included). It is ok to sometimes mix things up in one's home as long as it is done tastefully without creating clashes and incoherence.
Does it really matter? Do all houses have to strictly adhere to a certain style?
What a thumping! Quite embarrassing for playoff Eli and Co.
Wow what a hail mary by Rogers!
Y'all celebrating too early
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