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So 3 episodes into season 6 and no one wants to discuss how shitty this season has been so far?
Fuck the defense couldn't stop a Turkey right now.
Your team will lose to Pats in a couple of weeks.
LOL @ Harbaugh's reaction to the lost challenge.
Not necessarily, AP has much more powerful leg muscles that can help to stabilize the joint in my (admittedly anecdotal) experience, he also had a healthy knee before the tear unlike RG3.They are already talking about him being 100% and starting next season, that is idiotic in my opinion. Revascularization of the tendon takes a good year during which it is much more vulnerable to tears or stretches. If you want the guy to be your starter for the next 15 years you don't...
Yup. That knee has to be reconstructed again even if it is a partial tear judging by the way it buckled yesterday. He is going to run out of tendons in his kneecaps if he doesn't slow down.
New Posts  All Forums: