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That is where Don was staying after Betty kicked him out.
An alpha isn't invincible, he is still human.
LOL at people who don't think Don is alpha.
There is no way peggy leaves the show.
Ugh, lane was a favorite of mine after he kicked Pete's ass. I think Don is stuck between Megan, a woman that gives him much shit, and Peggy, a woman that takes too much shit from him. Now that Peggy is gone I suspect something major will happen between him and Megan.
There is zero chance of US moving back to gold standard. ZERO.
That is such a good motivation to take an offer, any offer, in that job fair. Make the placement rate look good too!
Choice of consumption now vs. when you are old.
Wasn't really pushing back, it is just that in my anecdotal experiences I have found no additional value in certified PMs and really don't understand why suddenly they are so fashionable. Was wondering if you had a different experience.
Why would you want to do that? (I understand if this is for a federal contract or similar)
New Posts  All Forums: