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Ok I see, disregard what I said. A second sink and bigger shower are obviously more important and so is having some room to move around freely.
Where I am you can't have a master bath without a tub. Post your Google drawing.
Fun fact about Saudi economy: 90% of all jobs are government jobs.
The doc can't do that, HGH is indicated only for a handful of conditions and idiopathic short stature.
I don't see how Iran can survive without diplomatic relations with Sudan.
I am pleasantly surprised that we are not taking Saudi's side even though it looks like Iran is in the wrong here (attacking the embassey? really?). Maybe we are finally ready to move on from the Saudis.
I like the opponents for the 2 seed better than the 1 seed.
So I hear they are saying Ashley had prescription and did recieve HGH but Peyton didn't take any of it, is that right? If true that is a gross breach of confidentiality of a patient.
Yeah the dude had kids and everything. I don't understand it.
Ian Murdock. Too many unkowns at this time but the story has potential. Summary: Well-known $1.4m/yr software/open source exec committed suicide after arrest and mistreatment by the SF police for "matching the descriptiona of a suspect ". Dude was white and he said something to the effect that maybe his death will have more of a consequence for police reform than poor black people. I am not sure that will be the case.
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