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Wow what a game. Monkey off the pats back (still a second left though)
Peyton Manning 5 completions/4 interceptions?
Jesus suited STFU already.
153 dead as of now, horrible. Stay safe fellow French forumites.
Nah, this will just feel good to see the asshole pay a price.The next thing is probably going to be a lawsuit against the school and subsequently a taxpayer funded settlement. Unfortunately, that is the only way to make any progress in this country. There is zero chane of people correcting their ways otherwise.
Pro-wrestler cop is being investigate by both FBI and US attorney's office, so getting fired might look pale in compare to possible charges he may face soon.
That pig needs anger management classes.
LOLs at fools who think they can be on-grid without google knowing their every move (online or offline).
Go ahead and enjoy yourselves while you can. Brady is going to shit on your team next time they meet.
New Posts  All Forums: