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They might find Russia to be an eager supporter.
LOL @Fiorina keep drawing on her corporate experience without naming HP.
Watched the first 3 second of the video and can tell what happens next from the words in the URL. I see absolutely no difference between this and what the ISIS does.
4 is not a "healthy" level. Fans are an effective way of mitigating the risk, spend the $1500 and protect your family against cancer.
Yes I am sure Turkey and SA will find an equitable role for the Kurds so they should just chill. /uncessesarysarcasm
Usually if appliances don't break within the first year (defective) they won't fail for a while so extended warrantees are a waste of money, but it sounds like you got a pretty good deal so don't lose any sleep over $300.
Russia is sending S-400 air defense missiles to their airbase 30 miles from Turkish border.
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