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I don't think he was serious
A 70 year old rich dude just got the hardest job in the world, it's understandable. He is probably thinking WTF did I get myself into.
Many young people can't find full time employment right after college and therefore don't have access to employer provided insurance. Letting them stay on their parent's insurance for a few extra years is an easy way to mitigate an issue that impacts a lot of people in a clusterfuck healthcare system.
Military campaign? Against Iran? Are you serious? Trump could try to pull unilaterally out but Europeans/China/Russia wouldn't follow which would make our withdrawal stupid.
Will Trump's AG start enforcing federal Marijuana law in states that have legalized it or will they continue the noninterference policy of Obama?
Nate puts the Naive in Naive Bayesian.
Silver saying 80% Trump wim probability, He sucks ass as a professional.
AG Christi?
WI is only 60k apart at 60%. Too early to call.
New Posts  All Forums: