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Sure. It seems really specific though, so take your time :-)
"History" and Manton's agreement? You must have a specific source for your 3 generations claim or you are pulling that out of your ass.
I don't think anything has gotten my blood boiling like the stabbed Swede girl and that vid clip ^^ in many years.
^too little too late. I can't believe they had no answer for the pressure which always throws Brady off. Denver defense pulled this off but they won't pull it off against the Carolina.
Manning is a first ticket HOFer but he needs to go away. It is painful watching him play when he moves and throws like your grandma. He is going to be a great QB coach and maybe OC soon.
Yeah it will be a long week.
Lol not. Don't be a clown.
Meh, NE should be able to beat whoever wins this.
Awesome game
New Posts  All Forums: