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This is crap. First of all, the video in OP is laughable. Unless you are retarded you will be able to examine 3 balls one after the other and tell comparatively how they rank. Also, notice the data scientist's weasel qualification: "Based on the assumption that fumbles per play follow a normal distribution, you’d expect to see...". There is no reason to believe fumbles are normally distributed. This whole article is BS.Now I do think there is something going on with...
It seemed really unlikely that Brady wouldn't notice the balls were not inflated properly if D'Qwell Jackson noticed after intercepting the ball. However, D'Qwell Jackson now denies having noticed or said anything about that.
This shift of focus to Brady by Bellicheck is interesting. Is he going to take the blame?
Each team brings their own balls.
WTF Patriots I mean come on man... They make it so hard to root for them. Also, fuck NFL for leaking this shit before officially releasing the results.
I really don't get people who say they are not excited by this match up. This will be an epic fight between one of GOAT offenses and GOAT defenses and might be one of the best SBs ever. Football is a sport not soap opera.
I donno man, Colts are not really contenders... I think the Pats will be the underdogs in SB.
The AFC game is going the way we expected...
What a shitty game. and GB not putting this away
Yeah, I think Denver went all out trying to win a SB with Manning and it didn't work. Now they will have to start from scratch again.
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