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That is pretty much the opposite of Paul Ryan plan.
NYC: Boston: Denver: Chicago: Los Angeles:
Yesterday: Today:
Actually he can build a wall pretty easily. I expect that to happen very soon. He could easily put a tariff on a few items and say Mexico is paying for the wall, etc. That one is a low hanging fruit.
First exec order "easing the burden of ACA pending repeal." There is not much tooth there but looks like he is going for it and want it done immediately.
Tax cuts are all good and everything, but are they going to offset the cost by spending cuts or are they going to legislate $10T worth of deficit because they think it will be offset by a large gain in GDP growth?
Yeah it will probably get a lot more crowded in the next hour or so. Still light but not this bad.
The mall at 10:16 AM:
That firework was very cool. America has started to become great again!
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