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Go ahead and enjoy yourselves while you can. Brady is going to shit on your team next time they meet.
Does NFL have any evidence to believe there were any incriminating texts in Brady's phone? I assume they checked the attendent and other employees' phones and there were no text to or from Brady. Destroying the phone is not an evidence of wrongdoing.
Yes, how dare people expect a raise after a few good seasons when their contract is up for renewal. They should just STFU and work for the same money. Oh and they absolutely get less money after bad seasons when their contract is up.
What a crap season and finale. Everything sucked except for Roger ordring champagne for his mom.
Lol stitchy. Tony was killed at the end...
I agree with both of these.
Blah, so far a pretty sucky season...
So Sapp was fired from NLFN today after he beat up some hookers in his hotel room last night. Sounds like the price wasn't right and he didn't want to pay...
Wow what a finish...
Both teams look like they did two weeks ago. Patriots looking good.
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