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He probably ends up being an MRA type guy rather than a muslin extremist.
He looks like he could be Arab or Paki or whaterver, maybe they aren't sure of his ethnicity.
If the players are only there to play football then they should not play the anthem at all. If they make a point of playing it and having people stand, then using it to protest is fair game IMO.
First degree manslauter charge for the Tulsa cop.
Also maybe CTE and safety issues is starting to erode the popularity of the game.
Sr dumbass.
Most home theaters are build in the basement on the front side of the house which is under grade. Storage, cellar or HT are pretty much the only ways to use that space.
Stop the dumbassery. Feds have consistently protected foreign government from courts in modern times, even Iran for the last 4 decades, when there are implications for US national interests. I personally 100% disagree with it and hope SA gets sued for every penny and try to make good on their threat to take their assets elsewhere, but the arguments about Obama being a muslim is stupid.
Yeah that's pretty bad. But she could be a corpse and she would still beat Trump.
You are lucky, the old one was hideous.
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