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Never going to happen, Assange is an asshole an a coward.
Obama just commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence. I am surprised. Somewhere out there Edward Snowden is crying his heart out.
#2, followed by #1. #3 looks like it would make it difficult to open the drawer with one hand.
All teams cheat all the time. Team regularly sign on a recently cut player so they can get intel on the other team's playbook. They have spotters trying to decipher signals, pipe in nose, use unauthorized communications devices, etc etc. You are naive if you think Patriots are any different than others.
IIRC Bush put tariffs on steel imports sometimes around 02-03 without congress.Edit: Here it is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_United_States_steel_tariff
What a disaster of presidency...
What a game! Rodgers is clutch as fuck, but I think their luck runs out next week.
You could have done it yourself with a bucket of cheap paint in a weekend with minimal prep work. Cuck.
Yeah Houston's defense did very well. Aren't they a top ranked D this year?
I was thinking the same.
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