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It is so satisfying to watch the assclowns in Washington continue their tradition of dysfunction.
Oh cool. Then high ceilings are fantastic!
Assuming you have a second floor, how many steps to second floor, how many staircases, and do you have an elevator?
11 foot ceilings are nice but there will be too many stairs to go upstairs, I think 19 or 20, also makes your staircase long. I guess it's fine if you are building a large, expansive house.
Ugh that's really sad...
What in the hell is that thing?
In my state there is provision that allows a single contractor, or even the home owner, to perform all that work as long as it is a single family dwelling and no commercial activities take place in the house.
That sounds about right for a 3 ton(ish) system. The cost of the parts is probably < 1K.
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