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That has been the case from the beginning of the time and will be the case until the end.
Why save money when you have guaranteed perpetual income? You may want to for whatever reason but you don't need to.
John Allen Mohamed was murdering random people so he could kill his wife without getting caught. His religion had nothing to do with it. Not convinced the Orlando shooter was motivated by religion rather than mental issues. Also lol at keeping OKCity bombing out of of the stats.
So none of the presidents/candidates/nominees/politicians have experts who tell them all religions are bullshit?
Meg Whitman just announced she will vote for and donate money to Clinton.
Around 2007ish prices had gone up so much in a few years that most people couldn't afford to move into their homes if they already didn't own them. Many new buyers were getting interest only/subprime loans and buying homes that they couldn't afford. We are not anywhere near that now, so no, not really worried about that.Also source of the bolded nationally?
Lolz! I am very happy with my voting record so far. If you think your loved ones are going to get killed because of the way I vote I am ok with that.
I was leaning towards voting for Johnson just to stir the bullshit two party system, but douchebags like you are giving me second thoughts.
Trump's baseless attacking of the wife was pretty disgusting. I can't imagine that even people who like him for his trash talking approve of him attacking a dead soldier's mother.
Probably a Chinese knockoff that found its was to Libya. The guy might not even know who Bryant is.
New Posts  All Forums: