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In my state there is provision that allows a single contractor, or even the home owner, to perform all that work as long as it is a single family dwelling and no commercial activities take place in the house.
That sounds about right for a 3 ton(ish) system. The cost of the parts is probably < 1K.
“You can decide to say that the game is out of reach,” Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said after the game, “and start scrambling and going into a two-minute mode earlier than you really want to. At halftime, we definitely weren’t going to do that.” Interesting. There is a reason this team has won 5, and might win a couple more in the next few year.
Edelman's grab lifts the curse of the helmet catch I think.
Yeah, the pats are done for.... Maybe.
It has happened before with players who aren't much better than Cousins. Either way, I personally think franchise tag is a complete bull shit.
I wouldn't pay 24 for another year, it will give him more leverage next year so no certainty that you can keep him if he plays well ($34m to keep him another year). Sign him and build the rest of the team accordingly or let him go and find someone else. Also, at some point resentment will start to set in if they string him along because they don't believe in him.
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