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What in the hell is that thing?
In my state there is provision that allows a single contractor, or even the home owner, to perform all that work as long as it is a single family dwelling and no commercial activities take place in the house.
That sounds about right for a 3 ton(ish) system. The cost of the parts is probably < 1K.
“You can decide to say that the game is out of reach,” Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said after the game, “and start scrambling and going into a two-minute mode earlier than you really want to. At halftime, we definitely weren’t going to do that.” Interesting. There is a reason this team has won 5, and might win a couple more in the next few year.
Edelman's grab lifts the curse of the helmet catch I think.
Yeah, the pats are done for.... Maybe.
It has happened before with players who aren't much better than Cousins. Either way, I personally think franchise tag is a complete bull shit.
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