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Lolz. You can pick up a bunch of illegals from 7/11 and have them do a bunch of work for cheap. You can't compare that to hiring a professional who will do a quality job, carry appropriate insurance and licenses, use quality material, and warranty his work. Or you could do the job yourself and save a bunch of money. To each his own.
I know the guy is a hawk but I think there is zero chance of a war with Iran.
They will just make their aids stand there and read the bible if they have to actually filibuster.
The Carrier Indiana factory thing is just a BS PR move just like the Ford plant. Both companies are still moving forward with their Mexico factories and shifting of the jobs to lower cost labor. They are just not moving those two specific plants, for now.
SoS is way more powerful and influential than SoC.
Elaine Chao for secretary of Transportation. Trump is sure grabbing many women for his cabinet.
Lol I have not kept up. You talking Frum? Gerson? Post a link.
Shit Seagal's gotten fat. He could eat Putin for Dinner.
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