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pass. I'm sre it looks good, but will most likely fall apart after one wash.
RUSH 2012
Wow tose Stowa's are prety sick.. I'm going to have to chekc them out. +1 on the Hamiltons tho.. I lov mine!
reminds me of rogues Gallery but not so dark.
well well well
Quote: I wouldn't wait for him to actually kill anybody or rape anybody. I don't believe that any father would. You would do a lot of good for your family while in jail. Quote: remember, also, that hamas was digging a tunnel to attack an israeli position. the tunnel wasn't where the smuggling tunnels were, it was heading to an israeli posiiton. the last time they did that, they killed several israeli soldiers, and kidnapped one. so what...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter all he's done is look at your kids and touch them a few times, gently. Depends on how and where, and what context this "touching" happens. Does a handshake or a high-five count as touching? This is the same as how, when this conflict began.. again. It's not as simple as yes and no, you need to look at the whole picture and ask WHY. remember, it was the IDF that broke the ceasefire by a raid into...
The Israeli security forces' arsenal of means to disperse demonstrations in the Occupied Territories includes the use of "rubber" bullets. These bullets are, in fact, steel bullets with thin rubber coats. Their use to disperse demonstrations is based on security officials' belief that "rubber" bullets are less lethal than live ammunition and that, therefore, they are appropriate for use in situations which are not life-threatening to security forces or other persons. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by Silverback OK, I am not as intelligent as you so can you share with me your death chart. You seem to think that 600 dead is too many. So what is the exchange rate you are working with? In the three years after the withdrawal from Gaza in August 2005, eleven Israelis were killed by rocket-fire; whereas in 2005-07 alone, the IDF killed 1,290 Palestinians (including 222 children) in Gaza. I don't think bombing/...
New Posts  All Forums: