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pass. I'm sre it looks good, but will most likely fall apart after one wash.
Wow tose Stowa's are prety sick.. I'm going to have to chekc them out. +1 on the Hamiltons tho.. I lov mine!
reminds me of rogues Gallery but not so dark.
KaiserSose: The Nice Collective Tees are slim - go with the XL. I'm usually a Small in most brands, but i wear a medium in NC. The Yoko Stuff runs a bit truer to size. bcx: we can accept paypal, just let us know what you want and we can send out an invoice for you.
why didn't you just call her up, if your not into the txting thing?
+1 roomate.
they usually ahve a schedule of when they start blocking TS off.. i think it begins at 2pm .. and yes people are there for the "good seats" .. personally, i'd pass. 4th of July is better.
Nice Collective +1
I think I lost my pair of white APC sunglasses. I got them last year in NYC at the SOHO shop. I;m not sure they were a seasonal thing or if APC carries them all the time. I do know here were two styles at the time - a rounder pair, and a 'flatter' style. I had the flatter style. Anyone know if I can pick up another pair somewhere? You can see them in the image below.. (it's the best image i could find in a pinch)
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