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Nordstrom has the "non-classics" on sale - about 30% off..
Not seeing it either
Anyone hearing of post XMAS sales that capture Barbour?
I think your probability of getting this done is close to 0. Unless you have a deformity that requires you to wear a special medical device/shoe, I can't see them proscribing this or your HSA approving this charge (it's highly unlikely that they will allow an HSA approved transaction to flow through from a retailer like Moulded Shoe, Alden Shop, etc... )
Anyone interested in trading a PCT Shell #8 ML shoe in 9.5 3E for something in shell 9 3E? Mine are a little big on me...
I tried on my new Bedale for my wife and she asks "Why is that coat so short? Isn't it supposed to be longer?" I'm 5'9" 185lbs - so it's not like I'm some giant, making my Bedale look like it's for a mini-me... So a question on the Beaufort versus the Bedale - does anyone have a strong view here? I'm not expecting to wear this coat over a suit or blazer - just not my style... Is it worth switching up my Bedale for a Beaufort? Any major style differences between the...
Where is your J Crew? I want to try to call them thnks...
Where is your J Crew? I want to try to call them
The J Crew by me won't give 30% off on Barbour in store...
Got my Bedale in the mail today - Size 42... I think it's too big. Bloomingdales has nothing to try on (sizing wise) anywhere in the US at this point. My suit jackets are 42/43 so I might see if I can size down... I'm gonna call the Barbour stores in NYC and see if they can help me with sizing, a switch to skyloil, etc..
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