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I own cap toes, perf cap toes, medallion cap toes, v-tips, and medallion cap toe boots - all on the Alden Modified Last.
These do look really great. Might sound silly but I really love the laces as well.How is the fit?
What did you end up doing with this pair of shoes? I'm sure StC will take another crack at the refinishing or give you a new pair of shoes.
That's not good at all - especially at this price point. I would send that pic to the retailer / or StC.How is the fit?
I usually go with running shoes - NB is a very good choice IMO as they combine some casual style with comfort and good construction. I wear Brooks Running Shoes when I am not in a pair of casual shoes or dress shoes. My only fear is that I look too much like Jerry Seinfeld:
I'm really not sure but I assume they will be bringing samples. I would recommend that you send an email to them at the address listed above.Let me say that I hope they will have samples - they runs these shows pretty regularly in Europe but it's more difficult to lug/ship a full compliment of samples back / forth to New York and Boston.
I can picture the hipters and wanna be hipsters checking these Ludlow shoes out saying, "wow - they're only $300! I've gotta get me a pair or two'"I think it's a masterstroke of marketing - 4-5 years of "in good company" marketing of Alden, followed by a blatant ripoff of the Alden shoes they've been selling. These are gonna sell - and they aren't discounted along with everything else on the site at the moment... They are trying to elevate these shoes to Alden status...
The arch support we refer to is built into the last - it's driven by the shape of the shoe as well as the type of heel installed. The very narrow waist is meant to accommodate a person with a high arch. The best way to see this is to look at the shoe from the sole side.While you can always add padding, etc under your arch, the ML Last design has arch support built into the shape. In additional, the Thomas heel adds to the arch support as the heel extends further...
Have you been able to find a Vass banana last that fits you?
I've had trouble getting a good fit with AE in the past with my orthotics to be honest. Just never enough room in the forefoot in EEE - some of the business casual shoes with removable inserts came close to working. The stiffness of the Alden sheel shank + ML high arch + ML thomas heel have been very good for me.. I'll stop by an AE corp store by my home to try on the '5' or '65' in EEE and see if it works but I am not hopeful
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