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Have you been able to find a Vass banana last that fits you?
I've had trouble getting a good fit with AE in the past with my orthotics to be honest. Just never enough room in the forefoot in EEE - some of the business casual shoes with removable inserts came close to working. The stiffness of the Alden sheel shank + ML high arch + ML thomas heel have been very good for me.. I'll stop by an AE corp store by my home to try on the '5' or '65' in EEE and see if it works but I am not hopeful
I can't find the 5 Last on their website.
If you are in the USA - you will pay far less for these shoes in NY - 720 Euro will run you about $1000 + shipping from europe. Alden shoe will be about $660
What size do you wear?Call the Alden store on Madison avenue.
Did you buy these in New York or Japan? Alden Shop had them...
Give Moulded a call or send Rafael an email - they should be able to get you an update.
Just brush and buff and don't reapply more wax for now - You should be fine...
Says it's imported... That says it all. If it was made in Italy/England/etc it would denote the country. So what you're getting is a $318.00 shoe made that's likely made in China and made to look like the Alden long-wings they sell in another section of their website. $318 for these shoes is very very steep.... I'm willing to bet they cost less than $100 to produce, including delivery to the US. I bet they'll sell like hot cakes
My two cents: I will definitely attend this trunk show and would encourage others to do so as well. I have one pair of shoes from Maftei that I had made earlier this year - I worked with Lucian and found him to be very flexible and responsive. I have very big problems with fit and comfort given the medical issues I have with my feet and knees and Lucian has gone the extra mile to accommodate. I am in the final stage of getting an excellent fit with Maftei and ready to...
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